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Responsible Vaping

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Responsible Vaping

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Gaylene Bogle
Posted : 2017/11/24
Excellent service and product. Very accessible and quick to solve any issue. Highly recommended
Posted : 2017/08/28
I've vaped for the last 6 or so years importing E-Lites from the UK until it became too hard due to Govt. regulations. I wasn't aware until I trawled the web that a similar but home-grown product was readily available in NZ. I'm really impressed with the extremely efficient service and delivery - and the product is great,with a genuine tobacco flavour as I prefer. I'm going to recommend Easy-Puff to others I know who will benefit from switching from smoking to vaping. I'll be back for more!
Posted : 2018/02/20
K so I'm absolutely out of the loop- in post op recovery at home, and its gone on for years. I had to quit my 40 year smoking habit and all I had to help me was these guys. Only ever seen people vape from a distance. Rachel took me under her wing and guided me and my rookie issues through the whole thing and now I'm not only off the ciggies, but loving my Kiss e-pen soo much I cant move without it. Tucked into my bra opposing my phone. I have two, one charging and one in my mouth. Its brilliant! Thanks, again, for helping me so patiently and thoroughly. These guys are there for us. :) xxxxx
Graeme Telfer
Posted : 2018/02/21
Great service 1day delivery & excellent pricing and advise on available products
Posted : 2017/07/01
Hi. I'm a long time customer who started using easy puff e-cigarettes years ago and then stopped for a variety of reasons. One being using the latest Iqos from PM. Thinking that was going to be the silver bullet to get off normal cigarettes but realising it was still not helping with the nicotine addiction . Buying a product off the internet is thwart with issues one being inconsistent delivery and not getting your goods when you need them most and most of all cost. I've done a bit of comparison with a said product and the figures never stack up to the ease and costs of using easy puff ecigarettes. Easy Puff are cost effective,easy to use,have great flavours and have a genuine concern for their customers. The new look white charger and flavour capsules are sexy and come with an excellent selection of strengths. Well done Easy Puff and thanks for caring about me as your customer.
Posted : 2019/02/21
Great service, highly recommend I will be purchasing again.
Greg Campbell
Posted : 2017/11/24
Great products and service, just a shame I cant pay by credit card as I don't have paypal
Posted : 2018/02/20
Some good products at reasonable prices. Picked up some tasty juices. Customer service is spot on. I'd like to see more range added and as an Aussie cheaper shipping on par with other companies. Often check the page.
Helen Lesley Waters
Posted : 2017/11/24
great service, quick postage great product
Hine Neame
Posted : 2018/04/06
Great service, great products. I love my vaporesso switcher. Was a bit disappointed that it didnt have the lights but still love it. So, i had come across this site because it was the cheapest for the switcher, had put the stuff i needed in my cart but didnt purchase anything and left it overnight. Was a lovely surprise to see that Rachel had left me a voucher in my inbox, just to make everthing even more cheaper. Thanks for that by the way. Will definitely be coming back if ever i need anything. Keep up the great work team.
Posted : 2015/04/20
My girlfriend has asthma and smoking triggers it, even if i came in from outside after a ciggy it would trigger it. Now i can vape these inside and she has absolutely no reaction. Also my breath doesnt stink but i dont crave a cigerette. For these factors i really rate the easy puff as a concept.My boss vapes these and he did a lot of research on brands. Ive also looked up alot about other brands. I really rate this companies gear because its made with food grade ingrediants and there is no formaldehyde in any of there products. Plus the website is really easy to navigate around and their customer service is fantastic. Cheers guys.Delivery has been 2 days after online ordering, with my full nicotine (thats all ive bought) blister cartridge packs requiring a "signed for" delivery The battery doesnt require a signature.Cheers
Ian Wright
Posted : 2017/11/24
Always an excellent service. Products top quality (thats why we keep going back). Delivery fast. Very professional.
Isobel Mclean
Posted : 2017/11/24
Hi, I've been a customer of easypuff for 5 years at the of this month. I never would have been able to switch from traditional cigarettes if not for this site and the wonderful people behind it!They have a remarkable range of products that are all top notch. Communication for any help I've needed has been timely and very pleasant.Highly recommend for beginners to vaping and those looking for more ?
Posted : 2018/02/20
Yes my first order today and what a buzz Rachel thanks for your call back and sorting it out for me you rock...
Posted : 2017/06/08
Couldnt be more happy with these guys, ordered some products over the phone it took 2 days all up to get my juice and dam its good!
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