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Wendy matthews
Posted : 2017/11/24
I have been using ecigs for some time and have never had a cigarette since I started using the ecigs. So convenient pop one in your pocket. I haven?t use the vaping because the ecigs have done it for me after 20 years of smoking I have not had a cigarette since I started using the ecigs and they are discreet pop in your pocket and go everywhere knowing that should you crave a cig don?t just grab th ecig and saved!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wendy Teychenne
Posted : 2017/11/24
Have been using this product for years. Customer service and communication is excellent and now it is based in NZ delivery times fantastic.
Wendy Teychenne
Posted : 2018/02/20
I have been a loyal customer of Easy Puff for many years. They have a great range of products but I really enjoy the nicotine options of the menthol e cigarettes. Easy Puff are always keeping up to date with the latest products and innovations. The shipment process out of New Zealand is nothing short of amazing with the flexibility of having product left in a safe place without needing to be home. They have also delivered on Saturday and Sunday and have never had to wait for more than 2 days. Their customer service is excellent and a rare service these days.
wendy teychenne
Posted : 2018/08/06
I have been using e cigarettes from Easy Puff for many years. I love the menthol flavour. Easy Puff's customer service is incredible, communication easy and delivery within 3 days from NZ to anywhere in Australia is great. Love them. Wendy T
William Chan
Posted : 2016/07/14
Nice work.Will be more better
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