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Responsible Vaping

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EasyPuff™ Customer Reviews

4.9/5 based on 306 reviews

Debra Hill posted 02/08/2018
Debra Hill

EasyPuff is the best thing that’s happened for my family
4 members of my family have been using ecig for over 4 years now and never gone back to smoking cigarettes it’s been great,the price is amazing and postage to Australia is just a few days, highly recommended

Basil N Varghese posted 02/08/2018
Basil N Varghese

I have been very pleased with easy puff. The service and products are excellent. I must commend Rachel for her particular service and respect.

Leif Hancox posted 02/08/2018
Leif Hancox

I have been using easy puff for about 6 months now and i have nufthing bad to say i recommend them to everyone this is the product and service you want to use its the best

Mal Platt posted 02/08/2018
Mal Platt

I have been using Easypuff for approx 5 years and have had nothing but great service.
They sell quality products and eliquids.
Shipping to Australia has always been fast, reliable and trouble-free.
Rachel has always been willing to help and fast to respond to any queries.
Also, Horny Flava liquids are the absolute best on the market.

Liz Davies posted 02/08/2018
Liz Davies

Excellent delivery service and the best customer service. The products are great , I prefer the ecigs snd carts and find the carts very long lasting with great flavours to choose from.

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