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Our Raving Fans Reviews

Posted : 2019/04/03
Always great service. Fast delivery and loving my regular flavors. Cheers for the ongoing goodness
Posted : 2018/09/11
The most amazing vendor! Customer Service is outstanding and the juices are yummy! Can?t fault and will definitely be my go to from now on.
James G
Posted : 2015/01/07
These are excellent, been using them for 3 weeks now i had to buy two because the battery isn't very durable, tobacco companies can kiss my @$$. Flavours are awesome!!
James Leondas
Posted : 2017/11/24
Very professional. Very fast shipping and Rachel always there to provide assistance. Great products and easy to navigate website. Their products have stopped me smoking after major heart surgery a year ago. Thank you Rachel and your team. Even when I had a problem with a product, a replacement was sent within 2 days. I have recommended many other people to Easypuff and they also moved over to you their products and juices.
James Pritchard
Posted : 2018/09/11
You probably know by now that Bobby is pretty much the man. His work at Easypuff goes beyond supplying quality local and international products for vaping. He is also activly engaged in the community and education of people looking to quit smoking. The products he sells save lifes and the work he does saves lives. Its easy to forget how important this kind of work is when we think about just "vaping", but Bobby is one of a few super heros of New Zealand who are on the forefront of saving lives. He will probably never get recogniction for his work but he does it none the less, with great efficency and passion. Easypuff has a great selection of products and communication, delivery and packaging are all well above average for this industry. Easypuff is one of my most recommended online vendors and I would not hesitate to recommend Easypuff to anybody no matter where they are in their vaping journey.
Posted : 2016/07/14
Excellent customer service. Product has been unreliable in quality, but is definitely improving.
Jarrod tenal
Posted : 2017/04/21
Thanks for the great service guys got my replacement battery's today , the life time warrenty you offer on your standard battery's is great , you have my business!
jasmine dando
Posted : 2018/09/11
amazing vape shop. the online shopping is made very easy by having a easy to use website. bobby is very helpful with any and all enquirys and he has perdonally made my experience with the vape shop very easy enjoyable and i will highly recommend all vapers to try. thank u
Jasmine Morrison
Posted : 2017/05/18
After having bad experience after bad experience with different vape companies I finally found these guys, there products are great and Rachel's customer service is outstanding,. I have tried many different vape pens over the past 3 months and can truly say these are the best around.
Jason P
Posted : 2017/07/14
Easy puff is a great company with a top product! I initially turned to e-cigs for a way to quit smoking cigarettes. Ive been off the cigarettes for over 6 years now, and honestly haven't looked back. I was stoked with the easy puff e-cig cartridges, the variety of different flavours is great, really made a daunting task like quitting cigarettes quite easy, coming from someone who had smoked for over 20 years. I highly recommend easy puff, great product, great support from the team and super fast tracked shipping makes everything so easy. A+++
Posted : 2017/05/02
For many months of searching trying different ecigarettes I am proud to say I've found what I call the best around the team at easypuff helped me every step of way thanks great product and great service.
Jean Cashin
Posted : 2016/07/14
I am just wondering if you still sell "Green Smoke" cigarettes that i used to get - i found them great
Jean Wallin
Posted : 2017/11/24
The e-cig has really helped me to quit smoking tobacco, your website is very easy to navigate.Im very happy with the product.
Jean Wallin
Posted : 2017/11/24
The e-cig has really helped me to quit smoking tobacco, your website is very easy to navigate.Im very happy with the product.
Posted : 2017/09/19
Great service, very helpful. Received my starter kit and cartridges very promptly considering I'm in Australia,and I am now e-cigging up a storm. Very happy with the service and product :)
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