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Responsible Vaping

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Responsible Vaping

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EasyPuff™ Customer Reviews

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Don posted 22/07/2015

I smoked 2 packs a day for over 40 years, but since changing over to Easy Puff I haven't touched a tobacco cigarette (and that was almost 2 years ago in Oct 2013). I have now weaned my way down the various e-cig nicotine strengths and now I am on zero, so I also broken the nicotine addiction and could stop "vaping" if I wanted to but I won't for now because I actually enjoy having a harm free puff, but its good to know I can if I wanted to. Thank you Easy Puff you have changed my life, not to mention saving me thousands of dollars over these past couple of years, my only regret was not doing it sooner. No smoke, no tar, no ash, no smell, no coughing this is fantastic. Thank you so much.

Frank.C posted 31/05/2015

Well i wasnt sure at first but i told myself to give Ecigs a try and im never going to look back,
Ecig is awesome and i really enjoy it more then a normal ciggerette.
Thank you very much :)

TeAroha posted 04/05/2015

I had to try it to believe it and now I'm a believer, after 21 years of smoking I had to find something it's a long habit to break, I'm no longer a smoker I'm a vapourer LOL.

HUTCH posted 20/04/2015

My girlfriend has asthma and smoking triggers it, even if i came in from outside after a ciggy it would trigger it. Now i can vape these inside and she has absolutely no reaction. Also my breath doesnt stink but i dont crave a cigerette. For these factors i really rate the easy puff as a concept.

My boss vapes these and he did a lot of research on brands. Ive also looked up alot about other brands. I really rate this companies gear because its made with food grade ingrediants and there is no formaldehyde in any of there products.
Plus the website is really easy to navigate around and their customer service is fantastic. Cheers guys.

Delivery has been 2 days after online ordering, with my full nicotine (thats all ive bought) blister cartridge packs requiring a "signed for" delivery
The battery doesnt require a signature.


Cole posted 06/04/2015

The ego t is well worth the money. Bought this after using cartomizers for about a year.. wish I'd found this sooner.

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