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Posted : 2014/07/22
I arrived in NZ on the 4th of July (No, no fireworks :), from South Africa. I brought over 3 cartons of my favourite cigarettes, and smoked the last of that last Thursday. Ciggies out here are massively expensive here (about 4 times more that S.A.), and refuse to pay that. Being unemployed, I suffer from idle hands. I stumbled on e cigarettes last night, late night browsing on the web. This morning early I started driving around, looking actually for another brand, but found only Easy Puff in quite a few dairies, but continued shopping around. Last thing I want is to buy another more expensive brand, not being able to find replacement cartomizers, so I gave in and bought Easy Puff at the next stop. WoW!! Impressive stuff! Love it, and can't wait to try all the flavours! The battery life is slightly disappointing, as I have charged mine every 2 hours so far. Will certainly be investing in a few of these.
Posted : 2016/03/06
Always fast service and a great product. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to cigarettes
Arthur Ringer
Posted : 2017/11/24
Very happy with the product and the service. Quick delivery is a big plus, but is a tad expensive.
Arthur Ringer
Posted : 2018/02/20
Very happy with the product and particularly impressed with the service.
Arthur Ringer
Posted : 2018/02/20
Excellent product and great service.
Posted : 2017/11/24
I found online shopping a breeze getting exactly what I wanted with no issues or confusion. I grabbed a few juices and have enjoyed every juice. Will defenitly be back ordering from here again.
Posted : 2017/11/24
Thank you for your service. Very easy to order and love that it's displayed in Australian dollars. Have been using the product for over a year now, and can't see myself ever returning to smoking. I love that you have sales occasionally, and such a variety of flavours to choose from. It has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Thank you again.
Barbara Grubb
Posted : 2017/12/14
Great products have been getting these cartridges for a few years now, very happy with the service, thanks to everyone
Basil N Varghese
Posted : 2018/08/02
I have been very pleased with easy puff. The service and products are excellent. I must commend Rachel for her particular service and respect.
Posted : 2019/02/20
Easy to deal with and order shipped same day it was placed. Very happy and will shop with them again!
Posted : 2015/02/28
You have to drag hard and long to get anything near a satisfying hit, but it's still better then smoking
Posted : 2016/07/14
So glad friend put me on to these. Great product and seem to be always improving
Posted : 2017/11/24
I have been a Easypuff customer for a number of years. Great products that are getting better over time. Although seldom needed, fine customer service.
Posted : 2019/01/10
Products arrived as expected and in very good time. Juul pod boxes were a little damaged as they came loose in a plastic envelope with no bubble wrap, but no damage to the pods themselves so I can?t complain. Would definitely order again but a tiny bit of bubble wrap wouldn?t go astray. Overall will definitely purchase from you again, thanks.
Bobbie Jones
Posted : 2017/04/20
Im really happy with Easypuffs service and e-juices i have been buying locally but decided to give there e-juice a go man I noticed the difference in quality, the shipping does take a little longer but its worth it! you have now got a customer for life.
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