At EasyPuff™ e-cigarettes we want you to know what's in our products, we have put this dedicated page together to keep our customers informed so they can be certain they have made the right choice. 

Ingredients EasyPuff™ e-liquids

1: Is the ingredient diacetyl and diethylene glycol (DEG) used in EasyPuff™ E liquids?

No. There is no diacetyl and diethylene glycol in our liquids Specifically, the concern is with Diacetyl. Diacetyl is sometimes used to add a buttery flavour to foods or e liquids but has been proven to cause health problems in some cases.

2: EasyPuff™ e-liquids may or may not contain nicotine, there are three primary ingredients in our juice.

A: Propylene Glycol

B: food grade Natural flavours.

C: Vegetable Glycerin

Below is a basic example of a full breakdown of the ingredients for a bottle of zero nicotine EasyPuff e-liquid? All our juices are consistent with this formula, however, the flavour differs in each bottle so instead of vanilla extract it might be cherry or a tobacco flavour. Also, some juices have a higher % of vegetable glycerin this makes the liquid thicker and easier to use with high-powered vaporizers.

Ingredients contain:

Propylene Glycol 74%, Vanilla Extract 11%, Malic acid 3%, 3-Methylcyclopentane-1, 2-dione 2.5% ,Piperonal 1.5% ,Damascenone 0.2% ,Acetylpyrazine 1%,Rose oil 1.5% ,Rhodinol 0.3% ,Eleutheroside E1 5%

What is Propylene Glycol?

Propylene glycol is a colourless liquid which is nearly odourless but possesses a faintly sweet taste, at room temperature, it becomes a liquid and can exist in the air as a vapour. Propylene glycol is a chemical made by reaction of propylene oxide with water. Propylene glycol is used safety a number of consumer items, such food products, makeup animal feed, soft drinks, toothpaste and are deemed safe for human consumption according to FDA.

Isn't Propylene glycol used in antifreeze?

A number of articles over the years by the media has misinformed consumers about propylene glycol is the active ingredient in antifreeze, which has some truth but they fail to tell you that it's used in non-toxic antifreeze for environmental proposes. It acts as a binder to keep everything in place. Most of us are exposed to propylene glycol on daily basis. When absorbed into our bodies in small amounts glycol is quickly metabolized and eliminated through our metabolic pathways like sugar.

Does EasyPuff manufacture their e-juice in New Zealand?

Answer: No, however, we do develop our flavours in-house ourselves then we send our recipes to a reputable e-juice manufacturer to produce for us.

Way does EasyPuff do this?

Our products are manufactured in a certified facility with strict Quality control systems in place.This guarantees our customers get a premium product every time. Our partners have been manufacturing e-liquid for over 8 years now and have 3 large manufacturing plants in China and Europe they have over 310 TPU compliant e-juices throughout Europe with Safety Standards GMP, HACCP, ISO, KFDA, TUV MSDS formula..