With the lifting of the ban on e-cigarettes containing nicotine, the ex-smokers in New Zealand can finally rejoice in the fact that they can get their daily doses of nicotine to keep their deadly habit at bay. However, it is still not easy to find good quality vapes for everyone’s needs in NZ. That is unless you know where to find them.

Auckland Vapes Online 

EasyPuff™ is New Zealand’s No. 1 online retailer of everything e-cigarettes – be it vapes, MODs, or e-liquids. EasyPuff™ offers its products for shipping all over the country, including Auckland. This means that Aucklanders can now find the right e-cigarette, the right flavoured liquid, with just the perfect nicotine content that will help them quit smoking permanently. Here’s why EasyPuff™ is the best source of vapes for Aucklanders.

Wide Selection of Vapes

Physical retail stores do not enjoy a big customer base or have a warehouse large enough to stock a wide variety of vapes, liquids, and other accessories. Therefore, the customers are left to make their choice from a small selection of vapes. However, not all vapes are designed for everybody. Some people require large quantities of vapours, some require a higher concentration of nicotine  in their e-liquids, and some others may like a particular flavour of e-liquid. It is quite difficult to fulfil all of these requirements by physical retailers.

On the other hand, EasyPuff™ has a countrywide sales and operations presence. Naturally, its customer base is huge, and it can ship its products to them from a single large warehouse. This makes it possible for EasyPuff™ to stock an extensive range of vapes and accessories suitable for every kind of ex-smoker out there in Auckland.

Brand’s Trust and Quality

EasyPuff™ has been sourcing and shipping superior quality vapes and accessories across New Zealand for 6 years and counting. The retailer also offers attractive warranties on its products. Some of the products from EasyPuff™ carry a lifetime warranty. That’s incredible. Countless New Zealanders have already tried and tested the EasyPuff™ products, and have become regular customers.

Most importantly, EasyPuff™ sources its products from international manufacturers that have a global reputation for quality. Then, it supplies the products to its customers at affordable prices, which are only a fraction of the cost of a pack of cigarettes.

Niche Products

In addition to helping ex-smokers stop their smoking habit, EasyPuff™ also provides a good selection of speciality  vapes and MODs designed for hobbyists. They come with their own selection of e-liquids that do not have any nicotine content so that hobbyist vapers are not exposed to any nicotine, although it does not pose any harm in the vapour state. These products come with a variety of settings that allow the users to set their vapour intake quantities that is suitable for them.