If you have recently taken to vaping as a solution to quit smoking, then you probably have read quite a bit about different ways of vaping on online forums and blogs. You are probably wondering how they differ from each other, and which one is the most suitable for you. Well, let’s delve into these questions and more.

Vaping Techniques 

The Basics

Mouth to lung vaping (M2L) is a technique that, in all likelihood, you are already practising. Here is how it works. In mouth to lung vaping, you inhale the vapours into your mouth, collect them there for a moment, and then breathe them into your lungs.

Sounds familiar, right? That’s because this is exactly what you have been doing with smoke. This is natural for smokers. They inhale the smoke from the cigarettes, collect it in their mouth, and then breathe it into their lungs. That’s why, the first e-cigarettes that were introduced in 2000s were designed to give the smokers a similar experience as smoking. So, M2L was the only way to vape for many years.

How is it different from Direct to Lung (DL) Vaping?

In the recent years, e-cigarettes have transformed from a functional solution into a cultural phenomenon. Cloud chasing and hobby vaping have taken over the youth. People are vaping to look cool, to perform tricks with vapours, and to even post cloud trick videos on social media. They need large quantities of smoke or vapours to pull off such tricks. They can collect so much of vapours only by inhaling them directly to their lungs, bypassing their mouth. The traditional vaping technique - the mouth to lung vaping – doesn’t cut it for them. They do not generate enough vapours to perform those tricks. That is why the latest generation of vaping machines are designed to produce massive quantities of vapours for the hobbyists.

Which of them is Best Suited for You?

Here is the thing about Direct to Lung vaping. This is definitely the choice of vaping for hobbyists who are not looking to get rid of their smoking addiction. So, they can afford to vape as much as they want without having to worry about reducing their nicotine intake as such. That being said, there is a small but significant risk arising out of flavours that are added to vaping fluids.

The flavours are not always healthy. They are quite safe when taken in small amounts. But, that’s what they are designed for – small part consumption. When hobbyists and vaping enthusiasts start inhaling bouts and bouts of vapours, they are also inhaling an unhealthy amount of flavours. That can, in the long run, have a drastic impact on their health. The effects of warping fluid flavours on health are poorly understood. So, why take that chance?

If you do have to take it, then try to limit the flavour concentration to less than 20%. Anything more than that, and you are in the danger zone.

On the other hand, if you are vaping for the purpose of getting rid of your smoking addiction, then mouth to the lungs is the best way to go. Inhaling and collecting the vapours in the mouth allows you to enjoy and appreciate the flavours of your vaping fluids. The more you like them, the farther you get from smoking. Direct to lung vaping bypasses the tongue completely, and you do not get to taste the flavours. So, just do what you were doing with cigarettes. Only this time, with  e-cigarettes.