EasyPuff is proud to begin selling Dinner lady eliquids one of the most renowned and well-loved vape companies on the market. This vape juice brand has won several awards, including Best Liquid Award for the Lemon Tart at the 2017 Hall of Vape in Stuttgard. They also won Best UK Brand, Best Dessert Flavour and Best Cereal Flavour during the Ecig Click awards in the year 2016. Known for its excellence, Dinner Lady vape juices are one of a kind and include three different ranges: Dessert Range, 1111, and Summer Holidays, each meant to reflect a different vaping lifestyle.

Dinner Lady Dessert Range

Dinner Lady Dessert Range is a line of dessert eliquids named after the company themselves. This line of dessert liquids features a full range of flavours, including their award-winning Lemon Tart. Lemon Tart features a sharp lemon flavour that is complete with notes of meringue and a flaky pastry crust to round it out. Strawberry Custard is another favourite with its flavours of natural strawberry and creamy custard. A butter caramel finish rounds out the flavours. Rice Pudding is a sweet and velvety vape that tastes like rice pudding that has been given a swirl of raspberry jam. Finally, the cornflake tart tastes just like it sounds with the nutty taste of cornflakes and strawberry jam.


1111 collection is their tobacco line, taking everything you love about the flavour of tobacco and amplifying it. This juice collection features After 11, which is a mint tobacco flavour that features a refreshing bite of eucalyptus, combining with the mint for an icy blast of flavour and sensation. Felon 11 is a blend of Kentucky and Virginia tobacco leaves with flavours that are slightly bitter. Heaven 11 features notes of dark caramel, vanilla creme, honey and a hint of tobacco as you exhale. Finally, the Sweet 11 offers the taste of cherry tobacco straight from the pipe for a smooth, rich and subtle fruity flavour.

Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays is their other range of products, meant to inspire feelings of being on a beach. The first in line is Black Orange Crush, a blend of orange and blackcurrant mixed with a bit of refreshing ice. Flip Flop Lychee is primarily a citrus vape that has had its sharpness offset with the help of Asian Lychee and a bit of ice to offer a refreshing, sunshiny taste. Strawberry Bikini is a fruity strawberry vape that is full of lemonade flavour, combining both the tart and the sweet for a summertime treat. Sun Tan Mango features a blend of honey mango and unripe alphonso blended with ice for a tropical flavour, while the Cola Shades offers an authentic tasting cola that has been given a twist of lemon.

With so many diverse ranges and just as many flavours in each range, Dinner Lady vape juice is one that you are sure to love. Check out the selection that EasyPuff has to offer and find your new favourite all day vape today.

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