Vape coil building is one of the most refreshing and fun-filled activities you can do on a regular basis. It has all the elements of a perfect recipe for every tinkerer out there – a dash of tech, a sprinkle of geekiness, and just a hint of engineering. Every person who loves to create something of their own and then enjoys it in its full magnificence will love coil building.

You may not share the same passion for coil building as many others. However, there are still plenty of reasons for you to take up coil building. Here are some of them:

Vape Coil Building 101 - Tips and Tricks

1: You want anything from thick to massive clouds of vapours

2: They cost only a fraction of the price of the prebuilt coils

3: Deliver better flavour

4: Highly customizable to suit your unique vaping needs. One of a kind e-cigarette

5: Fun to build even if you are not exactly a tech fanatic

If any of these reasons speak to you, then it’s time you learn how to build your own coil. Guess what! It’s easy and relaxing.

To get started, you will need a coil building kit. Here’s the list of what you need for your kit:

1: Resistance wire – preferably Kanthal wire. You can also use Nichrome, Nickel, or even Stainless Steel

2: Flush cutters

3: Ceramic Tweezers

4: Screwdriver or any small metal rod

5: Wicking material – cotton, stainless steel mesh, and so on

6: Ohm meter


Building coils is an accurate science. So, it is not just important that you follow all the steps and instructions. You may easily miss any of them. The trick is to understand what you are doing. Get a deep understanding of the underlying science on which the vape coils work. If something goes wrong, your vape might blow up right in your face or light up your entire house. So, safety first.

That being said, you’ll get here all the assistance you need to build your own coil, safely and expertly. Have fun while doing it.

Ohm’s Law

Ohm’s Law is one of the fundamental laws of electrical science that govern how the various electrical components in a system behave. A thorough understanding of the Ohm’s law is absolutely essential for building a stable, safe, and the perfect vape coil, or an entire vape for that matter.

Simply put, Ohm’s Law states, V = I x R


V = Voltage or potential difference, as measured in volts

I = Current or the rate of flow of electrons, as measured in amperes or amps

R = Electrical Resistance of an electrical component or a circuit to the passage of current, as measured in ohms.

So, why do we need this Ohm’s Law?

To calculate the wattage of the device that you are building. Wattage is the amount of electrical power consumed by your device. It is expressed in watts. There are multiple ways of calculating the wattage. It can be calculated with the help of an Ohm meter as follows:

W = V2/R

It is important to calculate wattage because higher wattage produces more heat and thereby, more vapour and flavour. Thus, you can control the amount of vapour clouds that your coil creates simply by controlling the wattage of the device you build.

Bear in mind that the battery you connect to the coil should be able to support the wattage that your device produces. Otherwise, the least it can do is burn your coil. In extreme cases, it might blow up your device right when you are drawing in. So, again, know what you are doing. Check out some videos on YouTube if you need to.

Finally, the Coil Type

It is not time to decide what type of coil you want to build. There are 3 main categories of coils. They are not exactly complicated to build. But, some of them are easier than others. However, each of them comes with their own benefits and drawbacks. So, make your choice after getting to know them thoroughly.

Micro and Macro Coils

These are the best choice for the beginners who know nothing about the vape coils. They are pretty easy to build too. You take a long metal rod, such as a screwdriver, and then wrap a piece of wire around it. You can choose the number of times you want to wrap the wire. It should fit inside the vape mod that you are building or custom-fitting.

The only difference between macro and micro coils is their thickness. A micro coil has an inner diameter of 1-2mm, while the macro coils have inner diameters of above 2mm.

You should always remember that Resistance of a wire is inversely proportional to its thickness. So, the thicker the wire, the less resistance it offers to the flow of current, and vice versa. You can start by using a 26 or 28 gauge Kanthal wire for your first coil build. As you begin to get more comfortable with the future builds, you can try other materials and sizes.

Twisted Coil

A twisted coil is what you get when you take two strands of wires and twist them together into a single structure. You can do it with your own hand, but it will be easier to twist with a pair of pliers.

If you are wondering – what’s the point of going to all this trouble with 2 wires when you can use 1 thicker wire?

Well, that’s science. Using two wires in this twisted fashion increases the surface area of the coil, which in turn produces more vapor and flavor, without actually causing a massive drop in the resistance of the coil.

Dual Coils

Many advanced vapers go for dual builds because they offer plenty more surface area and also reduce the resistance of the build.

It is crucial that you make sure that each of the dual coils are identical to each other. Suppose they individually have a resistance of 1ohm, together they should have a resistance of 0.5ohm. If you remove one of them from the build, the resistance should shoot back up to 1ohm.

Now, It’s Time For Some Video Tutorials

Reading can give you an excellent perspective and a deeper understanding of the theory behind a contraption. But, you need a video tutorial to guide you through the actual process of building one. That’s why, we have found some of the best videos on the internet to guide you through your first coil build. These videos provide simple and fantastic tips for building a vape coil.

Rip Trippers and VapnFagan have each created the most straightforward videos to help coil building beginners to build their first vape coil. These two videos have all the information you need create your first vape coil. All the best!

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