As successful as the tobacco control efforts in many nations have been over the past several decades, New Zealand’s population of smokers actually began to grow rather than shrink during the 2000s. That caused a significant alarm for our country’s Ministry of Health and public health advocates, leading to the creation of a new mandate – Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 – with the goal of eliminating virtually all tobacco consumption in New Zealand by 2025. 

As of 2020, though, it seems increasingly clear that are not on pace to reach the goal of becoming smoke free by 2025. An estimated 490,000 New Zealanders still smoke, and the number simply isn’t going down quickly enough.

Vaping is a completely viable alternative to smoking, and there’s an ever-growing mountain of research to indicate that vaping is as much as 95 percent less harmful than tobacco use. Why, then, haven’t more smokers switched to vaping? 

The fact is that our government hasn’t been nearly proactive as it could have been in encouraging smokers to make the switch. In fact, an outright ban on nicotine e-liquids actively discouraged people from switching for several years.

Vape NZ: Life Hasn’t Always Been Easy for New Zealand Vapers 

For the first several years in which vaping existed, nicotine e-liquid was actually banned in New Zealand. The ban was kept in place despite the anecdotal evidence from the rest of the developed world confirming that vaping was helping millions of people quit smoking. During the ban, New Zealand’s vapers could only use nicotine-free e-liquid or import nicotine e-liquid from overseas. Those who imported e-liquid usually paid high prices and waited through long shipping delays. It wasn’t until relatively recently that New Zealand began to allow the domestic sale of e-liquid with nicotine.

EasyPuff: New Zealand’s Original Vape Shop

Here at EasyPuff, we’ve been proud to serve the vaping community in New Zealand for nearly a decade. As the legal climate surrounding vaping in New Zealand has changed, we’ve been right there, supplying you with the highest-quality e-cigarettes, mods, tanks, e-liquid and other vape gear sourced from the United States, Germany, China and elsewhere. Since we have always bought vape gear in bulk and stored it right here in New Zealand, we can deliver vaping supplies to you quickly and at reasonable prices. 

Six years after EasyPuff launched, the Health Ministry finally understood the error of its ways and made nicotine e-liquid legal in New Zealand. That change allowed us to finally provide New Zealanders with unfettered access to their favourite vaping devices and e-liquids – even e-liquids with nicotine. At that point, our product selection began to expand exponentially. Today, we are happy to supply our customers with exactly the hardware and vape juice that they want. In fact, sometimes new vapers find the selection a bit overwhelming and confusing. If that’s the case for you, we’re happy to help. Just click the chat window in the corner of the screen to get some product advice from a friendly vaping expert.

Our Commitment to Continued Leadership in the NZ Vape Market

Now that nicotine e-liquid is available legally in New Zealand, the vaping market in our country has grown rapidly. It’s even possible today to buy nicotine e-liquid that’s made right here by fellow New Zealanders. Just a few years ago, the possibility of that happening seemed remote enough to be almost unthinkable. 

While vaping has made some incredible advances in New Zealand over the past few years, the legal climate surrounding vaping is still changing rapidly. At the time of writing, New Zealand’s Parliament is reviewing a proposed set of vaping regulations that could potentially be enacted before the end of the year. 

During these uncertain times, we would like to reassure you that EasyPuff intends to remain the leading NZ vape shop for the long haul. As vaping regulations in New Zealand change, we will remain in full compliance with all applicable laws and will never stop working to bring you the best selection of vape gear anywhere in the country. When you first made the switch to vaping, we were here to help. As your vaping journey continues, we’ll always remain the top NZ vape shop on your list.