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Have you seen the new Suorin Vagon yet? It’s one of the most incredible looking new vaping devices to hit the market in a long time, and it’s turning heads around the world. You can finally buy the Suorin Vagon in New Zealand, and we have it in stock right here at EasyPuff and ready to ship immediately! Only one question remains: Should you buy the Suorin Vagon? We’re going to help you answer that question with this in-depth review. Let’s dig in!

What Is the Suorin Vagon?

Starting with the release of the incredibly popular Drop, Suorin established itself as the world’s top maker of refillable pod vaping systems. Unlike so many other vaping product manufacturers that seem content to simply copy the shape and size of the JUUL e-cigarette, Suorin has made a name for itself by creating pod vaping systems that truly look and feel unique. The teardrop-shaped Suorin Drop has been attracting attention everywhere since its release, and with the Vagon, Suorin has released a device that looks like a sleek sports car. It’s as stylish as a vaping device gets!

Suorin Vagon Review
Fit and Finish

The Suorin Vagon looks and feels as luxurious in the hand as it does in pictures. The glossy zinc alloy body feels smooth and sleek when held, and the fact that Suorin constructed the device from metal rather than plastic should greatly enhance its durability. Although the Vagon is small and light enough to travel in any pocket, the built-in clip ensures that traveling with the Vagon remains easy even if you don’t want to carry it in a pocket.

With a battery capacity of 430 mAh and a pod capacity of 2 ml, the Suorin Vagon definitely has the e-liquid storage and battery life to keep most users satisfied all day.

Preparing the Suorin Vagon for Use

The Suorin Vagon kit includes one empty 2 ml pod. To fill the pod, you’ll remove the silicone plug from the bottom and add your favourite e-liquid. Replace the plug, drop the pod into the top of the Vagon and wait several minutes for the cotton wick to absorb the e-liquid. When you’re ready to use the device, simply puff on it as if it were an actual cigarette. The Suorin Vagon has a built-in air pressure sensor. When you puff on the device, it generates vapour automatically.

Charging the Suorin Vagon

As you vape, the light on the Suorin Vagon indicates the remaining battery charge. If the light is green, the battery is nearly full. If the light is blue, the remaining charge is between 30 and 60 percent. If the light is red, it’s time to recharge the battery. You can recharge the Suorin Vagon by connecting the included USB cable to the device and to your computer.

Vapour Production

The Suorin Vagon is designed to appeal to current smokers or recent converts to vaping. It works best with higher-nicotine e-liquids and has slightly tight airflow to facilitate a mouth-to-lung inhaling pattern. Modern mouth-to-lung vaping devices tend to have excellent vapour production, and the Suorin Vagon is no exception. If you want the device to produce the biggest possible clouds, though, you’ll want to take one or two short “primer puffs” to preheat that atomizer coil before taking a longer puff and inhaling.

Suorin Vagon vs. Suorin Drop

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Suorin didn’t produce the Vagon to replace the Drop; both devices are still in production and are intended to appeal to slightly different audiences. As such, you shouldn’t think of the Vagon as “better than” the Suorin Drop; rather, it’s simply different. Both devices have 2 ml pods and support a mouth-to-lung inhaling style. Both devices work with e-liquids containing up to 70 percent vegetable glycerine. The key difference between the two is that the Suorin Drop is a smaller device with a battery capacity of 310 mAh. The Suorin Vagon – while slightly larger – has a longer-lasting 430 mAh battery. If you’re faced with a decision between the Suorin Vagon vs. the Suorin Drop, you should choose the device with the appearance you prefer. Between the two devices, the vaping experience is largely the same.

Suorin Vagon vs. JUUL

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The biggest difference between the Suorin Vagon vs. the JUUL is that the JUUL uses sealed, pre-filled pods. Vaping with the JUUL, in other words, means you’re essentially restricted to using the e-liquid flavours provided by JUUL Labs – although some compatible third-party JUUL pods are also available. With the Suorin Vagon, on the other hand, you’ll buy your e-liquid separately and fill your own pods. While the JUUL has just eight official flavours available, the Suorin Vagon allows you to use any of the hundreds of different e-liquid flavours that exist around the world. In that sense, the Vagon gives you greater freedom. The Suorin Vagon also features significantly larger pods and increased battery life – 2 ml and 430 mAh respectively, compared to the JUUL’s 0.7 ml and 200 mAh – but the JUUL is a much smaller device.

How do you choose between the Suorin Vagon vs. the JUUL? To keep matters simple, choosing between these two devices means deciding whether you prefer convenience or flexibility. The JUUL is extremely simple to use – just drop in a pre-filled pod and vape. If you’re a new convert from smoking, that simplicity may help to make your switch to vaping a successful one. If you want the freedom to use any e-liquid you like, though, the Suorin Vagon is a better choice for you.