Have you heard about the MiPod yet? It’s the hottest new pod vaping system on the market, and now you can buy it right here at our New Zealand vape shop – and if you haven’t heard about the MiPod, you’re in the right place. We’re about to tell you exactly why this device belongs at the top of your must-buy list.

What Is the MiPod?
The MiPod is a refillable pod vaping system. Unlike most small e-cigarettes, the MiPod doesn’t use disposable pre-filled cartridges or pods; you can fill the pods yourself with the e-liquid of your choice. That gives you the opportunity to try all of the world’s e-liquid flavours rather than just the few available your device – and the fact that you can reuse the pods over and over keeps your long-term vaping costs low.

What Makes the MiPod Special?

Tiny, Discreet Design
The MiPod is incredibly small – perhaps the smallest vaping device on the market with its capabilities. Most people are shocked when holding the MiPod for the first time after seeing pictures of it; the pictures really can’t do justice to how small this device actually is. Easily stored in your pocket or concealed in your hand, the MiPod makes discreet vaping possible like nothing else on the market.

Terrific Battery Life
The MiPod might be small, but it’s almost all battery on the inside. With 950 mAh of total battery life, the MiPod gives you drastically more vaping time than other small devices. Some people will find the battery life sufficient for all-day vaping on a single battery charge.

Suitable for Mouth-to-Lung or Direct-to-Lung Inhaling
The clever design of the MiPod makes it suitable for any vaping style. Whether you prefer inhaling the vapour from your mouth to your lungs or directly into your lungs, you’ll find that the MiPod produces a great experience. Are you a mouth-to-lung inhaler who prefers a tight, cigarette-like draw? No problem! Every MiPod pod includes a small silicone stopper that reduces the pod’s airflow. Simply insert the stopper into the pod’s intake vent for a tight mouth-to-lung vaping experience.

Automatic Puff Sensor
The MiPod works automatically when you inhale, so it feels just like smoking a cigarette. No need to hold a fire button while you vape!

Safety Lock Prevents Accidental Use
The built-in power button allows you to turn off the MiPod and prevent accidental activation when you aren’t using the device.

Flashy – and Optional – Activation Light
The MiPod features an eye-catching bright light that activates when you inhale. It’s a fun feature, but you can also turn it off when you don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Just hold the power button down to activate the MiPod’s stealth mode and turn off the light.

Works While Charging
The MiPod supports pass-through charging – a crucial feature in any vaping device with a permanent internal battery. While the device is connected to a USB port, you can continue using it as you normally would. It’ll keep right on charging!

One-Year Warranty
Smoking Vapor – the maker of the MiPod – backs the device with a one-year warranty. Smoking Vapor has worked hard to design a vaping device that’s almost completely indestructible, adding features such as water resistance and a silicone-insulated charging port. Issues can still crop up from time to time even in the highest-quality consumer devices, though, and it’s good to know that Smoking Vapor stands behind their product.

MiPod vs. JUUL

The JUUL e-cigarette has taken the world by storm. It is already America’s most popular e-cigarette, and its reach is rapidly expanding. You can already buy the JUUL in New Zealand, and it is beginning to appear in other nations as well. If you’re considering buying a pod vaping system, you’ll naturally want to know how the MiPod compares to the JUUL. Here’s an overview of the differences between the two devices.

The JUUL Is Smaller Than the MiPod But Sacrifices Battery Life
The JUUL is slightly smaller than the MiPod. While the JUUL is shaped somewhat like a long, thin USB thumb drive, the MiPod is similar in size to a flip-top lighter. The benefit of the slightly larger size is greatly increased battery life. The 950 mAh MiPod battery has almost five times the capacity of the 200 mAh JUUL battery.

The JUUL Is Convenient but Expensive and Limiting
The JUUL uses pre-filled disposable pods. On one hand, a vaping device with pre-filled pods is very convenient to use. When a pod is empty, it takes just seconds to throw the pod away, remove a new pod from its package and push the pod into the top of the battery. Pre-filled pods, however, have two major shortcomings.

The first drawback of the JUUL’s pre-filled pods is that you can’t choose your own e-liquid. The JUUL has only a handful of different flavours available. With the MiPod, you can use any e-liquid you like.

The second drawback of the JUUL’s pre-filled pods is that you can’t refill them yourself. When a pod is empty, you’ll need to throw it away and begin using a new one. With the MiPod, on the other hand, you can refill a pod many times before the flavour quality begins to decline. Over time, you’ll find that the MiPod is significantly less expensive to use than the JUUL.

The JUUL Doesn’t Let You Choose Your Nicotine Strength
The pre-filled pods of the JUUL e-cigarette use e-liquid with a very high nicotine strength of 50 mg/ml. That’s an excellent nicotine strength for smokers because it allows you to reach about the same blood-nicotine level that you’d reach if you smoked a cigarette. For most people who already vape, though, that nicotine strength is simply too high. If you use the MiPod, you can choose your e-liquid – and that means you can also choose your nicotine strength. E-liquid nicotine strengths typically range from as low as 3 mg to as high as 50 mg – you can even use no nicotine at all if you like. The flexibility is an important feature if you’d like to use vaping as a means to reduce and eventually eliminate your nicotine consumption.