Are you one of the world’s many dedicated users of the JUUL e-cigarette? Are you thinking about becoming one? The JUUL is already America’s most popular e-cigarette – and now that it’s available in New Zealand, we believe it’s only a matter of time before the JUUL becomes the most popular e-cigarette here as well. 

Here’s the best part: You can buy compatible JUUL pods right here at our New Zealand vape shop! We even carry the ZIIP JUUL-compatible battery for just $42.99. Find out why people around the world are raving about this incredible JUUL-compatible device. It’s got a much more appealing form factor compared to the official JUUL battery, and it also lasts longer between charges. If you run out of pods, you can get your replacements right now instead of waiting for slow overseas shipping. JUUL in New Zealand – it’s a match made in heaven.

What Is The Juul E-Cigarette?

Important note: As of last month, JUUL is no longer making any fruit flavours. Fruit-flavoured Juul-compatible pods can be found here.

The JUUL e-cigarette is what the vaping community calls a pod vaping system. The JUUL stores its consumable e-liquid – responsible for both the nicotine and the flavour that you taste when vaping – in small disposable plastic pods. Each pod has a translucent enclosure that allows you to see how much e-liquid is left.

Replacing a JUUL pod is so easy. When a pod is empty, you’ll notice that the JUUL no longer produces much vapour and no longer tastes as good as it did when the pod was new. You’ll grasp the pod and pull straight up to remove it from the JUUL battery. Place a new pod over the chamber and push the pod straight down to install it. You can then resume vaping. That’s all there is to it!

What Makes the JUUL E-Cigarette Special?

The JUUL’s pod system is convenient to use, but that isn’t the only reason why it is already America’s most popular e-cigarette and quickly overtaking the rest of the world. To achieve true mainstream popularity, a consumer product needs to have something special. These are the reasons why you should consider buying the JUUL e-cigarette at our New Zealand vape shop.

Nicotine Salt Makes the JUUL More Satisfying

The primary reason why the JUUL e-cigarette has become so popular is because its maker released it along with an entirely new form of e-liquid. Nicotine salt e-liquid has a slightly lower pH than normal e-liquid, making it exceptionally smooth to inhale even at high nicotine strengths. The salt form of nicotine also mimics the molecular structure of natural tobacco leaf nicotine more closely than the freebase nicotine that most e-liquids use.

The JUUL isn’t the only e-cigarette that can use nicotine salt. Today, you can buy bottled nicotine salt e-liquid and use it with any e-cigarette. The JUUL was the first mainstream e-cigarette to offer nicotine salt, though, and it became wildly popular as a result.

An additional feature of the JUUL’s nicotine salt e-liquid is that it has a very high nicotine concentration of 50 mg/ml. In creating the e-liquid, the makers of the JUUL analysed the blood of volunteer smokers and JUUL testers. They found that the nicotine absorption pattern during use of the JUUL is very similar to that of smoking. Using the JUUL, in other words, you’ll experience the same nicotine rush that you get when smoking a cigarette. You’ll find that the JUUL makes it very easy to switch successfully from smoking to vaping.

The JUUL Is a True Luxury Consumer Product

Do you own a luxury consumer device from a company such as Apple, Samsung or Sony? If you do, you know that the makers of high-end consumer products go to great lengths to include special touches that enhance convenience or usability. If you feel special when you use a consumer product, the maker of that product really did something right. The JUUL gives you that feeling – perhaps more than any other vaping device that currently exists. 

The convenient push-in, pull-out pod system is only one example of that design mentality. To provide another example, the JUUL includes a magnetic USB charger that connects to any USB port. It’s a low-profile charger, so you can connect it to a laptop and simply leave it there if you like.

When you aren’t using it, it doesn’t get in the way. When you need to charge the JUUL battery, you’ll love the fact that the charger is magnetic. Just drop the JUUL battery in, and it’ll stay in place. Do you want to know the current status of the JUUL battery? Simply touch the indicator light. The light comes on to tell you how much battery life remains. Little touches like those have led vaping experts to call the JUUL the “iPhone of e-cigarettes.” The reputation is well earned.

JUUL vs. Cigalikes

The JUUL isn’t the only small e-cigarette that you’ll see when browsing the shelves at our New Zealand vape shop or your local dairy. You’ll also see a number of e-cigarettes that mimic the shape and size of tobacco cigarettes. Those devices are called cigalikes, and they represent an older generation of entry-level vaping products. If you’re faced with the decision of choosing the JUUL vs. a cigalike, we suggest that you choose the JUUL. Here’s why.

  • The 200 mAh battery of the JUUL is almost double that of many cigalikes.
  • A JUUL pod holds significantly more e-liquid than a cigalike cartridge. Since you get more for your money, you’ll find that the JUUL is less expensive to use over the long term.
  • A JUUL pod is a sealed environment that helps the e-liquid stay fresh. When you buy replacement cartridges for a cigalike, you’ll occasionally get a cartridge that tastes stale. That doesn’t happen with the JUUL.
  • JUUL pods are translucent, so they allow you to see how much e-liquid you have left. Most cigalike cartridges, on the other hand, are opaque.
  • The 50 mg nicotine strength of the JUUL is much higher than anything available for most cigalikes, which typically top out at around 18 mg. With a cigalike, switching to vaping means that you’ll have to adjust to a reduced nicotine intake. With the JUUL, you’ll get nearly as much nicotine as you’d get from a cigarette.

What Are JUUL-Compatible Pods and Devices?

The JUUL is an unusual vaping product because it has managed to attract a level of attention that no other vaping product in history has ever attracted. It is so popular that other manufacturers of vaping products have begun to make their own JUUL-compatible devices and pods. That’s a great thing for consumers, and it’s especially great for vapers here in New Zealand because JUUL isn’t officially available here yet. If you want to get official JUUL products here, you have to import them – and that can be incredibly expensive.

JUUL-compatible devices and pods offer full compatibility with official JUUL products. If you have an official JUUL device and don’t want to pay top dollar for JUUL pods, you can use JUUL-compatible pods with your existing device. Likewise, you can use official JUUL pods with a JUUL-compatible device. Finally, you can use third-party JUUL-compatible devices and pods together, enjoying the same benefits as other JUUL users without paying the high cost to buy imported products.