With the release of the Teros vaping system, Joyetech now has two pod vaping devices available to satisfy the needs of those looking for smaller e-cigarettes. While the Joyetech Teros – released in 2018 – is newer than the 2017-released Joyetech Atopack Penguin, the Teros isn’t necessarily the better of the two devices. Comparing the Joyetech Penguin vs. Teros, in fact, you’ll find that the two devices are actually designed for fairly different audiences – and a person who enjoys one device may not necessarily like the other at all.

Here at Easy Puff, you can buy the Joyetech Atopack Penguin for $69.00. The Joyetech Teros costs $49.99. In this article, we’ll help you choose between the two.

What Are Pod Vaping Systems?

The Joyetech Teros and Penguin are both pod vaping systems. A pod vaping system stores its e-liquid in a removable, replaceable plastic pod rather than the glass tanks that many vaping devices use. Using plastic instead of metal and glass enables pod systems to be small, light and inexpensive. They’re the ideal vaping solution for anyone looking for a vaping device that’s cheap, discreet, fashionable and easily pocketable. When you compare the Joyetech Teros vs. Penguin, though, you’ll find that the two devices approach the pod vaping paradigm in completely different ways.

Joyetech Teros:

  • Vaping Style: Mouth to lung
  • Battery Capacity: 480 mAh
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2 ml
  • Operating Wattage: 6.85 watts
  • Replaceable Atomizer Coil: No
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The Joyetech Teros is a small vaping device that straddles the line between a traditional cigarette-shaped e-cigarette and a larger, more powerful vape pen. Although the vapour production of the Joyetech Teros is very modest, it provides far more battery life than you’d get with a cigalike. To squeeze the maximum vaping time out of the Teros battery, Joyetech locked its output to 1.85 volts. This device uses a low-resistance 0.50-ohm atomizer coil to deliver respectable vapour clouds without demanding much from the battery.

If you’ve looked at some of the other pod vaping systems on the market, you’ve probably noticed that many of them use pre-filled pods. Pre-filled pods are extremely convenient because you can simply drop them into your device and vape. The drawback of pre-filled pods, though, is that they’re sealed to prevent refilling. Pod devices with pre-filled pods also use proprietary connections to discourage third-party companies from offering competing pods. With no competition, the makers of pre-filled pods are free to charge exorbitant prices; using a pod system with pre-filled pods can become expensive very quickly. The Joyetech Teros uses empty pods that you’ll fill yourself, making this device an affordable way to vape. The Teros works best with thinner e-liquids. Try a 50/50 mix for the best possible combination of vapour production and wicking efficiency.

With its slightly restrictive airflow and modest vapour production, the Joyetech Teros is strictly a mouth-to-lung vaping device – and given the fact that its power is a bit on the lower side, this is a device that works best with higher-nicotine e-liquids. If you’re a new convert from smoking, try a nicotine salt e-liquid for the best possible experience.

Who Should Buy the Joyetech Teros?

You should buy the Joyetech Teros if you’re a smoker who hasn’t started vaping yet or if you’re new to vaping and are looking for an upgrade from your original cigalike. The Joyetech Teros is best, in other words, if you’re looking for a device that provides a cigarette-like vaping experience without forcing you to compromise on battery life, convenience or price.

Joyetech Penguin:

  • Vaping Style: Mouth to lung or direct to lung
  • Battery Capacity: 2,000 mAh
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 8.8 ml
  • Operating Wattage: Up to 50 watts
  • Replaceable Atomizer Coil: Yes

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The Joyetech Penguin is a unique device that combines the convenience of pod-based vaping with the performance of a traditional small box mod. Unlike most pod vaping systems, the Joyetech Penguin has a replaceable atomizer coil. You can use the 0.6-ohm coil if you prefer a mouth-to-lung inhaling style, or you can use the 0.25-ohm coil if you prefer direct lung hits. While the 0.25-ohm coil doesn’t give the Penguin the same type of airy draw that you’d get with a cloud chasing tank, the airflow is definitely open enough for some nice, deep lung hits. You’ll need to replace the atomizer coil after every several days of vaping. You’ll replace the coil by pulling it straight out of the bottom of the pod. The pod itself is also replaceable.

Even with the low-resistance 0.25-ohm coil, the 2,000 mAh battery of the Joyetech Penguin provides several hours of vaping time. It also charges quickly thanks to the built-in 2-amp charging circuit. Even with fairly heavy vaping, it’s likely that you’ll only need to charge the Penguin once daily – and the device works during charging. The vapour production of this device won’t match what you’d get from today’s cloud chasing vaping tanks, but it does match the performance of tanks that were considered “extreme” a few years ago. It’s plenty of vapour for most people, and the huge pod provides all the storage that you’re likely to need. If you fill the pod in the morning, it’ll probably last all day.

Who Should Buy the Joyetech Penguin?

You should buy the Joyetech Penguin if you’re looking for a device that combines convenience with good vapour production, all-day battery life and ample e-liquid storage. There’s much to be said for a device that’s small and light while producing some great vapour clouds and requiring no adjustments, troubleshooting or tinkering. If you start the day with a full pod and fully charged battery, it’ll be evening before you’ll need to think about charging the battery or adding e-liquid. If you’re an intermediate vaper looking for a device that offers great performance and extremely friendly operation, the Joyetech Penguin is a superb choice. You should also consider the Penguin if you’re an advanced vaper growing tired of the cloud chasing game. The Penguin might produce a bit less vapour than what you’re currently using – you may need to increase your nicotine strength from 3 mg to 6 mg – but it’s incredibly refreshing to use a vaping device that doesn’t burn through its coils in five hours or require constant recharging and refilling. Put simply, you’ll have trouble finding any other vaping device in the world that’s as fun to use as the Joyetech Penguin.

Joyetech Penguin vs. Teros: Final Thoughts

As you’ve learned from reading this article, the Joyetech Penguin and Teros are two devices that have very little in common apart from the fact that they’re both pod vaping systems. The Joyetech Teros is sleek and sexy. It’s the perfect choice if you’re a new vaper and are looking for something that’s a true vaping device rather than an attempt to copy the appearance of a tobacco cigarette. The Joyetech Penguin, on the other hand, brings pod vaping convenience to the world of high-performance box mods. If you’re an intermediate or advanced vaper, the Joyetech Penguin is the perfect choice for injecting some much-needed fun into your vaping routine.