Are you an ex-smoker who has finally decided to quit smoking? Have you tried vaping and found it to be an absolutely pathetic alternative for smoking? That’s only natural. That’s because you were predisposed to believe that using e-cigarettes is going to be like smoking regular cigarettes. That simply isn’t true. Let’s see why.

Smoking a vaping device 

E-Cigarette is NOT an E-'Cigarette'

Here’s the truth about e-cigarettes. They are not cigarettes. The early makers of these devices included the word 'cigarette' to use the familiarity of the term to convey what they were intended for. They were designed to mimic cigarettes by giving you something to do with your mouth and your hands. They are substitutes for cigarettes. But, they are not copies of cigarettes.

Consider this. Cigarette is something in which the tobacco is burnt along with the nicotine in it. The burnt fumes are then inhaled by the user. But, nothing burns in an e-cigarette. So, there are no fumes or smoke. Instead, a heating coil evaporates a special fluid, and the vapours are inhaled by the users. As can see, you can never smoke an e-cigarette. Instead, what you do is vaping. The e-cigarette is a misnomer which has caused more harm than good. Many ignorant people still remark, 'Well, it’s still a cigarette.' Once you get over the fact that an e-cigarette, or a vape as it is more commonly known, is not a cigarette, you begin to understand its beauty.

For Best Results, Vape. Don’t Smoke!

Once you stop using a vape like you use a cigarette, you will begin to get far better results with vaping. In fact, it can most definitely be more fun than the cigarettes. So, without further ado, here’s how you use them. When ex-smokers go hunting for their first vape, they almost invariably pick one that looks most like a cigarette. That’s a rookie mistake. The design puts a lot of constraints on what an e-cigarette can do. Consequently, they are low powered devices which do not give you sufficient vapours to supplant the cigarette nicotine supply. You should go for either mods or pen-like vapes. You will also come across some extreme vapes that feature high-powered atomizers. Avoid them. They are for hobbyists.

Mistakes that many newbies commit

A typical mistake that many newbies commit is that they get into overdrive to get rid of their cigarette addiction. In their urgency, they go for a low nicotine vaping fluid. This is self-defeating. After smoking for a long time, your body is used to having a certain level of nicotine. You have to train your body to get adjusted to lower concentrations of nicotine in it, one step at a time. If you don’t take it slow, you will experience severe nicotine cravings and you will be back to puffing away your tobacco burner. Preferably, you should start with a vaping fluid that has a concentration of around 20mg/ml.

Then, you reduce it to 18mg/ml after a few weeks. Then, to 16mg/ml. You follow this until you reduce the nicotine levels to such a concentration that you don’t get any nicotine cravings if you quit vaping. Finally, let’s come to the very act of vaping. When you are smoking, you are taking short and hard puffs. You get enough smoke with that technique. But, with vapes, it’s a different story. First, you have to take the primer puff. Your first few puffs will activate the heating coil. Allow it some time to vaporise the fluids. Then you take long, gentle puffs. Because of your habitual short puffs with smoking, it will take you a bit of learning to get used to the long and gentle puffs. But, once you nail it, you will love the experience.