The deadly health effects of tobacco and cigarettes have long been established. Yet, there are hundreds of millions of people still addicted to these fatal products, all in the name of getting their nicotine fix. However, with the increase in the awareness about cigarettes and the hazards they bring, more and more smokers are tossing away their cigarettes in favour of e-cigarettes as a cessation mechanism. However, with the dizzying array of choices available in terms of e-cigarettes, and e-liquids, it might get confusing for the beginners to know where to start.

This is a simple guide for them.

Disposables: To Test the Waters

Disposable e-cigarettes are the most abundantly available and easy to use e-cigarettes in the market. They are also the cheapest. There are two types of disposable Vapes. One is the kind where the users throw away the entire device, once their battery runs out. In the second type, the user discards the front end of the Vape, which is a cartridge that contains all the main components of a vape.

In either of these cases, the initial investment involved is very low. They cost as little as $10 or less. Therefore, the smokers can get a trial run of these products, and check for themselves whether they work or not. Disposable vapes provide the closest experience to a tobacco cigarette. Hence, they are the most powerful candidate for helping smokers quit their habit. If the ex-smokers do like them, then they can try more advanced products in the market.


There are many different types of cigalikes out in the marketplace, lots of different industry professionals and users call them old technology, We, however, understand there is a place in the market for these products for people who simply want something that has a similar look and feel to normal cigarettes. The two-piece technology EasyPuff uses is a hybrid version of older models that use disposable atomizers and cartridges. Our cartridges have a built-in atomizer that is changed when a fresh new cartridge is added. for more info on our e-cigarette starter kits click here.

Pen-Style Mods

Pen-style mods are customizable e-cigarettes. Users can change the tank, the e-liquids, and even the tip of some pen-style mods to get a highly customized vaping device. Some pen-style mods even come with removable batteries, which the users can replace after the rechargeable batteries run out of their lives. They produce larger quantities of vapour than disposable vapes. They are relatively expensive when compared to the disposable e-cigarettes. But, they also last longer and provide a richer vaping experience than them.

Each of them can cost anywhere between $50 to $100, or even more, depending on the brand. As they can be recharged, every time the battery drains out, they last much longer than disposable e-cigarettes, making them worth their money. Pen-style mods also come with a never-ending number of e-liquids and flavours, which provide more choices than what users can get with a tobacco cigarette.

Box Mods

Box mods are highly customizable e-cigarettes and require considerable skill and knowledge of the vapes to build. They can be used by experienced users. For beginners, they do not offer much value.

Choosing the Flavour

Vapers can choose an e-liquid, the liquid that is converted into vapour in e-cigarettes, of their favourite flavour. There are a multitude of flavours available on the market when it comes to e-liquids. Many users try many different flavours until they settle with one that they like the most. Users are urged to try the flavour that they think will work for them. If they stop using the vape because of its flavour, then they have just lost the battle against smoking.

Regulating the Nicotine Content

A number of e-liquids come with different concentrations of nicotine to help ex-smokers quit their habit. Beginners should start with e-liquids that feature a high concentration of nicotine, and then taper it down until the nicotine concentration in their e-liquids reaches zero. This is essential because the body of smokers is used to the presence of a certain level of nicotine in them. Quitting smoking immediately can lead to withdrawal symptoms, which often pulls back the ex-smokers into smoking again. That’s why, it is recommended that they start with a high concentration of nicotine in their e-liquids, and then decrease it every few weeks.


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