If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for the best e-liquid in New Zealand. Welcome! We’ve worked hard to put together the best e-liquid selection available anywhere, and we think you’re going to be very happy that you decided to buy from EasyPuff™. When you browse our online shop, though, you may initially find the selection of e-liquid a bit intimidating. Never fear! Once you’ve discovered the best e-liquid for your taste, you’ll see why most people who take up vaping never crave a cigarette again. There’s no way that a cigarette could ever match the flavour of an e-cigarette – but choosing the right e-liquid is key. We’ll walk you through it with this guide.

Choose the Right Nicotine Strength

Every bottle of e-liquid carries a label expressing its nicotine strength in terms of the mg of nicotine per ml of e-liquid – and e-liquid is available in a wide range of strengths including 0, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 mg. A bottle of e-liquid in the 24 mg strength contains eight times as much nicotine as a bottle of 3 mg e-liquid, which can drastically alter the vaping experience. How do you choose the right nicotine strength? Use these simple guidelines as a starting point.

If your e-cigarette has a large sub-ohm tank, start with a nicotine strength of 3 mg and adjust from there. Since a sub-ohm tank generates a very large volume of vapour, you’ll feel completely satisfied with a lower nicotine strength.

If your e-cigarette has a smaller tank – or the term “sub-ohm” doesn’t mean anything to you – start with a nicotine strength of 12-18 mg and adjust from there. If you choose a nicotine strength that’s too low, you’ll go through your e-liquid too quickly and may not feel completely satisfied with the vaping experience.

Choose the Right Flavour

We carry dozens of different e-liquid flavours at EasyPuff™. We find that people who vape often love to experiment with e-liquids and try new flavours regularly. If you’re experimenting with new e-liquid flavours, though, it’s probably because you’ve already discovered your favourite. What if you’re new to vaping and aren’t even sure what you like yet? These two tips will help.

If you’re new to vaping, eliminating the desire to smoke tobacco cigarettes is probably your biggest priority. You need an e-liquid that can replace the familiar flavour of an e-cigarette. We crafted our Outback, Tobacco Red and Menthol e-liquids just for you, and we believe that you’ll be very happy with them.

As e-cigarette users gain experience, they typically reach a point at which they no longer crave the flavours of their old cigarettes. That’s why sweeter e-liquid flavours are so popular among those who vape full time. Once you’ve gotten past your desire to taste the flavour of tobacco, you begin to realize that no cigarette could ever match the mouth-watering flavours that e-cigarettes can produce. Would you like an e-liquid that tastes like ice cream with caramel and sea salt? What about fresh grapes or strawberry custard? If you’re willing to look past the tobacco flavour that you enjoyed in the past, you’ll find that there is no limit to the variety of flavours that e-cigarettes can produce.

Choose the Right VG/PG Blend

Nicotine and flavours comprise a very small percentage of what’s in an e-liquid. The rest of the e-liquid is a blend of two carrier liquids: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). The carriers dilute the nicotine and flavouring concentrates. They form the clouds that you see when you exhale. The carriers also keep the e-liquid mixture homogenous, so you don’t need to shake the bottle repeatedly. PG and VG affect the vaping experience in different ways, so e-liquid makers adjust the balance of the two carriers to achieve the desired effect in the final product. Here’s how PG and VG differ.

Propylene glycol is thin enough to flow freely through smaller e-cigarette tanks. It has little flavour of its own, so it allows the flavour of an e-liquid to come through more clearly. PG produces thin vapour clouds that dissipate quickly.

Vegetable glycerine is much thicker than PG and may have trouble flowing through a smaller e-cigarette tank. If the atomiser coil in an e-cigarette tank has large holes exposing the cotton wick, a VG-based e-liquid will work in the tank with no problems. VG has a sweet flavour, so it can sometimes make the flavour notes in an e-liquid a little difficult to detect. VG produces thick vapour clouds that may hang in the air for several minutes before dissipating.

Are you confused about how the VG/PG blend can affect your quest to buy the best e-liquid in New Zealand? The good news is that you usually don’t have to worry about VG and PG. Most e-liquid makers optimise their products to ensure that they’ll perform well with as many different vaping setups as possible. If an e-liquid contains no more than about 70 percent VG, it’ll work in virtually every e-cigarette tank on the market. You should look at your e-cigarette’s tank, though, before buying an e-liquid that contains more than 70 percent VG. If you can’t see the cotton wick when you look at the side of your e-cigarette’s atomiser coil, the coil most likely has very small wick openings. A high-VG e-liquid may not work well with an e-cigarette atomiser that doesn’t have large wick openings.

PG and VG are both common ingredients in food, cosmetics and other consumer products. Even if you don’t vape, it’s likely that you’re exposed to both substances nearly every day. If by some chance you’ve never used a product containing PG, though, you should know that a very small percentage of people are sensitive to PG and require all-VG e-liquids. Ask your doctor to give you an allergy screening if you experience irritation, skin redness or itching when you vape.

EasyPuff™ Is Your Source for E-Liquid in New Zealand

Taste is a highly subjective thing, but we’ve been around the block and can often guess which e-liquids our customers will like after asking them a few questions about the flavours they enjoy. Are you having trouble deciding which e-liquid to buy? Call +64 7 925 0904 now to speak with one of our friendly vaping experts.