When you make the switch from smoking to vaping, the first e-cigarette that you buy can have a major impact on what your experience is like. Will you choose a small “cigalike” that looks much like a tobacco cigarette, or will you choose a larger vaporiser like the ones that some of your more experienced vaping friends use? One of the primary differences between cigalikes and larger vaporisers is the fact that cigalikes store their e-liquid in disposable cartridges, and vaporisers store their e-liquid in refillable tanks. How can you tell which is right for you? We’re going to make your decision easy by breaking down the differences between e-cigarette cartridges vs. tanks.

E-Cigarette Cartridges: The Choice for Beginning Vapers

One e-cigarette cartridge stores roughly the same amount of nicotine as a packet of cigarettes and lasts through about one day of vaping. The body absorbs nicotine from e-cigarettes differently than it absorbs nicotine from tobacco, though, so you may find that you use more than one cartridge in a day. EasyPuff™ e-cigarette cartridges are available in 12 different flavours and cost just $19.95 per five-pack. With the price of cigarettes in New Zealand quickly approaching $30 per pack, you can see how switching to e-cigarettes would result in massive yearly savings!

The Benefits of E-Cigarette Cartridges

When comparing e-cigarette cartridges vs. tanks, cartridges have three major benefits.

1: E-cigarette cartridges – and the batteries that work with them – are extremely small. Fully assembled, a cigalike is about the same size as a tobacco cigarette. You can carry it in your pocket, and it’s always ready when you need it.

2: An e-cigarette cartridge is the most convenient way to get your nicotine fix. Not getting any vapour? Twist the cartridge off and throw it away. Twist on a new cartridge and you’re right back to vaping. There’s nothing to refill and nothing to troubleshoot. E-cigarette cartridges are always ready to go when you want them.

3: Using an e-cigarette cartridge feels just like smoking a cigarette. Just puff on the e-cigarette to generate vapour. An e-cigarette cartridge is optimised for inhaling from your mouth to your lungs, so using one feels the same as smoking.

The Drawbacks of E-Cigarette Cartridges

E-cigarette cartridges are small, convenient and inexpensive. A cartridge-based e-cigarette is a perfect choice if you’re new to vaping, but no style of e-cigarette is perfect for everyone. Compared to e-cigarette tanks, cartridges have two drawbacks.

1: You can’t fill an e-cigarette cartridge with the e-liquid of your choice. Although we’ve gone to great lengths to offer cartridges in a wide variety of different flavours, it isn’t possible to sell an e-cigarette cartridge for every e-liquid that exists. Most e-liquids are available only by the bottle and not in cartridge form.

2: Every e-cigarette cartridge includes its own metal housing and atomiser coil. Since cartridges are more expensive to produce, they cost more than bottled e-liquids.

E-Cigarette Tanks: The Choice for Experienced Vapers

If there’s one truth in the world of vaping, it’s that just about everyone who enjoys blowing clouds would like to blow even bigger clouds. If you fall into that category, you need an e-cigarette tank. Although upgrading to an e-cigarette with a tank means that you’ll have a more capable device, the upgrade doesn’t have to be an expensive one; we sell a Kangertech vape pen with a built-in tank for just $49.99.

The Benefits of E-Cigarette Tanks

When comparing e-cigarette cartridges vs. tanks, tanks have four major benefits.

1: E-cigarette tanks store more e-liquid than cartridges. When you use an e-cigarette with a tank, you can often vape for hours before you need to think about refilling. If you use a cigalike and find yourself going through several cartridges per day, you’ll love the increased storage of a tank.

2: E-cigarette tanks create bigger vapour clouds. Many people find that the increased vapour production of an e-cigarette tank makes it easy to switch to lower-nicotine e-liquids. If you’re the type of e-cigarette user who feels more satisfied with the vaping experience when you’re blowing bigger clouds, you need an e-cigarette tank.

3: E-cigarette tanks work with every e-liquid that exists. If you want to experience the full range of flavour that vaping has to offer, you need to use a tank. Most e-liquids are not available in cartridge form.

An e-cigarette with a tank has a lower long-term ownership cost than a cigalike. E-liquid bottles from EasyPuff™ start at just $9.95 and contain the equivalent of about 30 e-cigarette cartridges. An e-cigarette tank produces more vapour than a cartridge – so you’ll use e-liquid a bit more quickly – but you will spend less overall.

The Drawbacks of E-Cigarette Tanks

1: E-cigarette tanks are more flexible, more powerful and less expensive overall than e-cigarette cartridges – but tanks aren’t right for everyone. If you’re new to vaping – or simply want to get your nicotine fix in the easiest and most convenient way possible – an e-cigarette tank may not be the right choice for you because of these drawbacks.

2: E-cigarette tanks are more complex than cartridges. While a cartridge is a self-contained unit that’s ready to use immediately, using a tank requires periodic filling and atomiser coil replacement. You’ll need to clean a tank periodically. If you don’t reassemble a tank correctly, it could leak. E-cigarette cartridges have none of those problems.

3: E-cigarette tanks are usually optimised for those who prefer inhaling the vapour directly into the lungs. If you’d rather inhale from the mouth to the lungs – as you would when smoking a cigarette – you’ll probably have a better experience with a cigalike.

Can you buy an e-cigarette with a tank if you’re new to vaping? Absolutely. We recommend tank-based e-cigarettes to those who either have particularly high nicotine needs or don’t mind the challenge of learning how to use unfamiliar technology. For most people who haven’t tried vaping yet, though, an e-cigarette with cartridges is the best choice.

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