We are thrilled at EasyPuff to announce that we have acquired a licence to distribute Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-liquid in New Zealand. Charlie’s Chalk Dust is one of America’s most popular e-liquid makers, and we are proud and excited to offer the brand to our customers. Unless you’ve travelled to the United States, it’s possible that you haven’t had an opportunity to buy Charlie’s Chalk Dust in New Zealand before. therefore, we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce the brand to you and describe the flavours to help you make your first selection.

Charlies Chalk Dust Premium USA E-liquid

Who Is Charlie’s Chalk Dust?

Founded in 2015, Charlie’s Chalk Dust is one of the e-liquid companies that kickstarted the modern movement of creating very sweet, complex e-liquids inspired by culinary trends. While Charlie’s began with just a handful of different e-liquid flavours, the company’s range has steadily expanded and now includes multiple e-liquid brands with a wide variety of flavour styles ranging from dessert e-liquids to juices with tropical flair. If you like e-liquids that are sweet enough to satisfy your sugar cravings and complex enough to vape all day, Charlie’s Chalk Dust is certain to become your new favourite e-liquid brand.

Next, let’s examine the labels in the Charlie’s Chalk Dust product range and learn more about their flavour profiles.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Black Label and White Label

The original Charlie’s Chalk Dust range includes the Black Label and White Label series. These series contain the rich, complex blends for which Charlie’s Chalk Dust has become famous. If we had to describe the Charlie’s Chalk Dust Black Label and White Label e-liquids in two words, those words would be “strikingly realistic.” These are e-liquids that taste exactly like their descriptions – and creating e-liquids that are true to life isn’t easy to do. Doing so often requires months of research and development. During the lengthy development process, it’s often necessary to test a wide variety of flavouring concentrates from many different providers. Creating an e-liquid that represents a single flavour note may require testing many different concentrates in varying proportions – so arriving at a single juice with the complexity of a Charlie’s Chalk Dust blend may require developing and testing dozens of prototypes. When you taste a Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-liquid, you’ll appreciate the time and effort required to create a nuanced juice designed to please the discerning palate.

What’s the best e-liquid from the original Charlie’s Chalk Dust range? We suggest Dream Cream. Every e-cigarette user in the world has probably tried a cream-flavoured e-liquid at one time or another – and if you have, you were most likely disappointed by the fact that the cream note didn’t taste realistic. If that sounds like you, Dream Cream is the realistically creamy e-liquid you’ve been craving. Notes of cinnamon and chocolate complete the flavour profile of this decadent delight.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Pacha Mama

If you’re searching for an e-liquid with a bit of island flair, the Pacha Mama series is what you want. Each e-liquid in the Pacha Mama series features a combination of three mouth-watering fruits including a few less common flavour notes such as dragon fruit and jackfruit. Fruity e-liquids are incredibly popular throughout the world, and Charlie’s Chalk Dust created the Pacha Mama series to serve that growing market. Charlie’s even expanded the Pacha Mama range recently to include orchard fruits. The new Fuji Apple, Strawberry and Nectarine flavour is a must-try e-liquid if you love stone fruits.

If you ask us, though, we believe that the Mango, Pitaya and Pineapple is the most exciting e-liquid in the Pacha Mama lineup. Pitaya – also known as dragon fruit – is famous for its refreshing flavour and antioxidant properties. You won’t get the antioxidants in this e-liquid, but you will get a unique flavour profile that you won’t find anywhere else.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Mr. Meringue

First introduced a couple of years ago, the Mr. Meringue series is an e-liquid label that now includes three flavours: Mr. Meringue, Ms. Meringue and the out-of-this-world Uncle Meringue. As you might expect, each e-liquid features the flavour note of lightly whipped meringue. The meringue note works nicely to tame the sour edges of the fruity flavours in the Mr. Meringue line.

At EasyPuff, we love the entire Mr. Meringue range, and we’re glad to see that Charlie’s Chalk Dust has continued to expand the line with new flavours. The original Mr. Meringue e-liquid, though, is still our favourite product in the range. If you’ve ever tried a lemon e-liquid and disliked it because the lemon note reminded you of furniture polish, we encourage you to try Mr. Meringue. The meringue flavour meshes beautifully with the bold lemon note to create something that’s sweet and sour without a hint of furniture polish.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Stumps

Would you like to save a bit of money when you buy Charlie’s Chalk Dust in New Zealand? The original Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-liquids are true premium products with prices to match. The Stumps range consists of slightly simpler blends in much larger bottles to give you some of that same Charlie’s Chalk Dust magic at a much lower price. At only $39.99 per 100 ml bottle, the Charlie’s Chalk Dust Stumps e-liquids are right in line with the big bottle prices you’re used to paying.

Our favourite Charlie’s Chalk Dust Stumps e-liquid has to be Don. Have you ever tried cookie butter? If you haven’t had cookie butter before, don’t start. It’ll trigger a lifelong addiction that you’ll never manage to shake. If you try Don by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, though, you’ll experience the next best thing. Cookie butter is a spread made by taking cookies – usually the Speculoos variety – and blending them with oil, condensed milk and sugar to create a smooth paste. Cookie butter is great on toast, in recipes or simply on a spoon – but it isn’t healthy. With Don by Charlie’s Chalk Dust, you can experience the same flavour with none of the guilt