You’re been using your first e-cigarette starter kit for a while. You enjoy vaping, and you’d like to get even more out of the experience if you can – more vapour per puff, more e-liquid for your money and more vaping time between battery charges or tank refills. If this sounds like you, you’re probably ready to upgrade from your first cigalike to a new vape pen. There are a few things that you should consider, though, before you make the switch. Is a vape pen the right vaping device for you? In this guide, we’ll give you the information that you need to make an informed decision.

The Benefits of Vape Pens vs. E-Cigarettes

In most ways, vape pens are superior to e-cigarettes because they have greater capabilities. A vape pen holds as much e-liquid as several e-cigarette cartridges. Since the battery of a vape pen is much larger than that of a cigalike, you can expect hours of additional vaping time when you upgrade to a vape pen. You can also expect richer flavour and more vapour with each puff. If you’re tired of constantly swapping cartridges and charging batteries – or you simply want to blow some bigger vapour clouds – you’re going to love the experience of using a vape pen.

Do you enjoy trying the different flavoured cartridges available for your e-cigarette? If you enjoy experimenting with different e-liquid flavours, you’re going to have even more fun with a vape pen because vape pens use tanks – and you can fill a tank with any e-liquid you like. Your e-cigarette likely has around 10 different flavours available. When you buy e-liquid by the bottle, though, you can choose from hundreds of different flavours.

The Drawbacks of Vape Pens vs. E-Cigarettes

If getting your nicotine as easily and conveniently as possible is your main goal when vaping, you may not want to upgrade to a vape pen because no e-cigarette is easier to use than the cigalike that you already have. With a vape pen, using your e-cigarette will no longer be as easy as twisting on a cartridge and puffing. You’ll need to learn how to fill a tank. Your vape pen may have additional controls that your cigalike lacks. You’ll need to change your atomiser coil periodically. Although using and maintaining a vape pen isn’t difficult, it may require more effort than you’re willing to put forth if you’re already happy with your vaping experience.

An e-cigarette with more capabilities is usually larger than an e-cigarette with less capabilities. If you upgrade to a vape pen, you’ll have an e-cigarette that’s larger and heavier than the device that you currently use. You can’t hold a vape pen between two fingers or let it rest between your lips like you can a cigalike. If it’s important for you to mimic the physical motions of smoking as closely as possible when you vape, you may find a vape pen less satisfying than your current cigalike even though a vape pen would produce more vapour.

What Features Should a Vape Pen Have?

When buying a vape pen in New Zealand, the first thing that you’ll need to decide is whether you want a vape pen with a built-in tank or one that can use the tank of your choice.

All-in-One vs. Removable Tank

If you buy an all-in-one vape pen with a built-in tank, you’ll enjoy the convenience of knowing that your tank definitely works with your device. If you buy a vape pen with a removable tank, you’ll have greater flexibility because you’ll have the ability to shop around for a tank that meets your needs. Before you use a new tank with your device, though, you’ll need to understand the capabilities of your device and confirm that the tank doesn’t demand more power than your device can deliver.

Temperature Control

Have you ever experienced the harsh “dry hit” that can occur if you use your e-cigarette when the tank or cartridge is dry? Some vape pens have temperature limiting features that prevent dry hits. You’ll activate the temperature limiting feature by installing an atomiser coil made from titanium or nickel. You may also need to execute a command with the button of your vape pen to enter temperature control mode. In temperature control mode, your vape pen will automatically cut its power output if the temperature of the atomiser coil is too high.

Adjustable Wattage

Temperature control vaping isn’t for everyone. It only works with coils made from speciality materials, and changing the coil material will change the flavour of your e-liquid. Even if a vape pen lacks a temperature control function, though, it may still allow you to make power adjustments. For example, a vape pen may increase its power in 10-watt increments if you press the fire button three times quickly. Having the ability to adjust the power of your device means that you can always dial in your ideal vaping experience by changing the quantity and temperature of the vapour.

Fixed vs. Removable Battery

Some vape pens have removable batteries, and others have permanent internal batteries. A vape pen with a permanent battery is often smaller and lighter than a vape pen with a removable battery. If your vape pen has a permanent battery, you also don’t have to worry about the possibility of buying a battery that can’t deliver enough power to allow the vape pen to operate within its full wattage range. The drawback of having a vape pen with a fixed battery is that every battery eventually loses its ability to hold a charge. If you can’t remove a dead battery from your device, you can’t replace it. You’ll have to discard the entire vape pen when the battery stops holding a charge.