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Responsible Vaping

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27 MarMechanical Mod Safety Guide
Sims Rick1562
A mechanical mod is a vaping device with no power regulation or safety features. In a mechanical mod, power goes directly from the battery to the atomizer coil without first flowing through an integra..
27 MarVaper’s Tongue: What Is It? How Do I Get Rid of It?
Sims Rick0423
It’s a very annoying situation when you suddenly find it impossible to taste your favourite e-liquid or experience a numbness of the tongue when vaping. If you’ve never experienced that before, you ma..
27 MarEasypuff: The Leader of E-cigarettes Market in New Zealand
Sims Rick0377
As successful as the tobacco control efforts in many nations have been over the past several decades, New Zealand’s population of smokers actually began to grow rather than shrink during the 2000s. Th..
11 MarAustralian Senate Moves to Ban Imported Nicotine E-Liquid
Sims Rick1766
In late February, the Australian senate passed a motion with broad support across all parties, expressing the collective opinion that the Australian government should move to ban all imports of liquid..
18 JulLost Vape Orion DNA GO Reviews: Experts Around the Web Weigh In
Sims Rick04151
In the world of pod vaping systems, the Lost Vape Orion DNA GO is a unique beast. It’s the only pod vaping device on the market with the famed DNA chipset usually reserved for high-end box mods costin..
16 MayTop 7 Vaping Resources That Belong in Your Vape Gear Arsenal
Sims Rick0734
Vaping is a hobby for some and a lifestyle for others. For some, it’s simply a better way of getting one’s nicotine fix. Every type of vaper, though, has one thing in common: life isn’t much fun for y..
17 AprChoosing the Right Nicotine Strength for Your Vape Setup
Sims Rick0980
Nothing can ruin your vaping experience more quickly than an e-liquid with the wrong nicotine strength. If the nicotine strength of your e-liquid is too low, it’s impossible to get any real satisfacti..
09 AprHow to Keep Your Vape Coils in Top Shape
Sims Rick11651
Aside from e-liquid, there is probably nothing more influential to the type of experience you’ll have when vaping than vape coils. The coil determines the volume of vapour that your device produces. I..
26 MarShould I Steep My E-Liquid?
Sims Rick0589
Have you ever stopped to think about why e-liquid costs what it does? No; it’s not just the desire to make a profit, although vape juice makers and sellers certainly need to earn money. E-liquid produ..
18 JanThe U.S. JUULing Controversy Explained
Sims Rick0326
The JUUL e-cigarette is incredibly popular in the United States. It’s so popular, in fact, that it’s claimed about three quarters of the vaping market in traditional retail outlets such as supermarket..
18 JanMechanical Mods in 2019: The Pros and Cons
Sims Rick0364
Mechanical mods began their life as the creations of at-home tinkerers who were unhappy with the capabilities of the devices available at the dawn of the vaping industry. Mechanical mods eventually be..
18 JanAre Removable Battery Mods Better Than Fixed Battery Mods?
Sims Rick0142
If you’re in the market for a new vape kit, you’ve got a major decision on your hands because there is more variety in the world of vaping devices today than ever before. Do you want something sleek a..
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