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10 Oct Rebuildable atomizers what are they?
Sims Rick 0 710
They all ultimately accomplish the same thing... some with greater convenience and length of time between refilling, some better for new rebuilders, some offer better flavour and some offer the option..
10 Oct What is in e juice?
Sims Rick 0 716
That’s a question that many people seem to be confused about. From well-meaning vapers who say “It’s just water vapour” (it isn’t) to tobacco control fanatics yelling, “We don’t know what’s in it” (we..
09 Oct What is in EasyPuff E liquid?
Sims Rick 0 1436
Here at EasyPuff™ E-Cigarettes, we believe that switching to vaping is one of the most health-conscious decisions that a smoker can make. We want you to be confident that you’ve made the right choice,..
10 Oct How Do You Smoke a Vape?
Sims Rick 0 800
Are you an ex-smoker who has finally decided to quit smoking? Have you tried vaping and found it to be an absolutely pathetic alternative for smoking? That’s only natural. That’s because you were pred..
12 Oct Is it Safe to Vape Without Nicotine?
Sims Rick 0 496
E-cigarettes have been in the market for well over a decade now. During that time, dozens of research papers and millions of doctors across the world have agreed that the potential benefits of e-cigar..
13 Oct What is Mouth to Lung Vape?
Sims Rick 0 836
 If you have recently taken to vaping as a solution to quit smoking, then you probably have read quite a bit about different ways of vaping on online forums and blogs. You are probably wondering how t..
16 Oct What’s Inside a Vape and the Vape Juice?
Sims Rick 0 684
Vaping is becoming more and more popular as a healthier alternative to cigarette addiction. Its benefits are plenty, and even many doctors advise using it. Yet, there is no dearth of pseudoscientists ..
17 Oct Where to Buy Vapes in Auckland New Zealand
Sims Rick 0 567
With the lifting of the ban on e-cigarettes containing nicotine, the ex-smokers in New Zealand can finally rejoice in the fact that they can get their daily doses of nicotine to keep their deadly habi..
17 Oct What Are E-Cigarettes?
Sims Rick 0 677
E-cigarettes are, in their essence, a safer and healthier alternative to tobacco based cigarettes.Tobacco is responsible for the deaths of millions of people across the globe. According to one estimat..
27 Mar Easypuff: The Leader of E-cigarettes Market in New Zealand
Sims Rick 0 800
As successful as the tobacco control efforts in many nations have been over the past several decades, New Zealand’s population of smokers actually began to grow rather than shrink during the 2000s. Th..
25 Oct Vape Dinner Lady New Zealand
Sims Rick 0 996
EasyPuff is proud to begin selling Dinner lady eliquids one of the most renowned and well-loved vape companies on the market. This vape juice brand has won several awards, including Best Liquid Award ..
26 Oct What is a Vape Coil?
Sims Rick 0 2420
Vape coil, or atomizer as it is usually known as, is a device that vaporizes the e-liquid. At its core, a vape coil is just a heating element that heats up the e-liquid and creates a mist out of it. A..
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