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Let your inner rebel out with Riot Squad e-juices that are specially blended to inspire the departure from the traditional. The UK-based, international brand – Riot Squad – distils the renowned UK’s anarchic subculture into small bottles of vape pleasure for the discerning vapers. The brand delivers on its promise of anarchy with a chaotic blend of flavours that surprise you (perhaps even shock you) with their tastes, and aftertastes. The bold and the beautiful Riot Squad e-juices aren’t for the fainthearted. 

The award-winning Riot Squad e-juices enjoy an ardent fan following in 57 countries, and now, EasyPuffTM brings them to the Kiwis. Bottled in a creatively designed bullet-shaped container, every Riot Squad e-juice flavour impresses upon you the power of innovation and experimentation. The brand stays true to its premise and refreshes you with its bold, complex, and never-the-ordinary flavours.

All Riot Squad e-juices feature a 30 / 70 PG / VG Ratio. The e-juices feature a confident and lingering aftertaste without sacrificing the thickness of the clouds.

Taste Riot Squad, taste perfection!

Riot Squad

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