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EasyPuff has joined forces with Nasty Juice - the e-juice that is taking the world by storm. Launched in 2014, Nasty Juice has since become a leading brand in innovative e-juice creation. In 2016, Nasty Juice was awarded the best fruit e-liquid at the 2016 Vape Expo in Poland which was attended by over 100 brands from around the world.

EasyPuff is now stocking the Fruity, Yummy and Tobacco Series in 60ml bottles. All Nasty Juice e-juices come packaged in a stylish aluminium tin for safe and easy storage which also helps to preserve the quality and taste of the e-juice. The Fruity and Yummy series is perfect for people looking to try some sweet fruity flavours and are available in three different strengths 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. These two Series also have a low mint feature which means as you vape you will feel a pleasant cooling sensation in your mouth. The e-juices in the Tobacco Series have the traditional taste of tobacco with a luxurious blend of almond, vanilla custard or caramel vanilla. This series is available in four strengths 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg making it perfect for those just beginning their journey to quit smoking or for vapers who enjoy the traditional flavour of tobacco. For the ultimate vaping experience, join the thousands of people that have successfully given up smoking and try the Nasty Juice e-juice range today. 

EasyPuff is an authorised New Zealand reseller of Nasty Juice products. You can check the authenticity of your e-juices from the Fruity and Yummy series by scanning the product authenticity sticker on top of the packaging or by entering the product authenticity code on the Nasty Juice website at The product authenticity sticker for the Tobacco Series is located inside the aluminium tin on the Certificate of Assay.

Vape With Nasty Juice

Slow Blow Pineapple lemonade e-liquidEnjoy Slow Blow’s refreshing pineapple lemonade flavour. The combination of lime and pineapple makes for a flavoursome vaping experience. Slow Blow is packaged in a bright aluminium tin and comes in a handy 60ml aluminium bottle that maintains the quality and tas..
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A$AP Grape, Berries and other fruit e-liquidA$AP Grape is a combination of berries and other fruit which creates a distinct grape punch flavoured e-juice. The bold aluminium tin and 60ml aluminium bottle that the e-juice is packaged in ensures that its taste and quality is preserved. The e-juice has..
Bad Blood blackcurrant flavoured e-juiceBad Blood is a tasty blackcurrant flavoured e-juice. It is packaged in a striking aluminium tin which combined with the 60ml aluminium bottle it comes in means that the quality and taste of the e-juice is retained. The e-juice has a blend ratio of 70..
Cush Man Mango flavoured e-juiceEnjoy the fresh and fruity taste of this popular mango flavoured e-juice. The e-juice is packaged in an eye-catching aluminium tin making it easy to spot if you leave it around the house. The 60ml aluminium bottle that holds the e-juice keeps the e-juice fresh and ens..
Devil Teeth Honeydew flavoured e-juiceDevil Teeth is a delicious honeydew flavoured e-juice. The eye-catching aluminium tin and 60ml aluminium bottle that it is packaged in not only looks great but means the quality and taste of the e-juice stays impeccable. The e-juice has a blend ratio of 70% vege..
Fatboy Mixed Mango flavoured e-juiceTry this delicious mixed mango flavoured e-juice which perfectly balances sweet and sour and has an aromatic smell. The bright and bold aluminium tin and the 60ml aluminium bottle that the e-juice comes in means taste and quality is never compromised. The e-juice ..
Tobacco Bronze Tobacco and Caramel Vanilla e-liquidTry the smooth and creamy blend of tobacco and caramel vanilla with the Bronze Blend e-juice. The stylish aluminium tin that the e-juice is packaged in is great for storing your e-juice bottle. The 60ml e-juice bottle prioritises safety with its chi..
Luxurious Tobacco Gold e-liquid by Nasty JuiceTry the luxurious taste of tobacco and cigar with hints of almond with the Gold Blend e-juice. This e-juice comes packaged in a sleek aluminium tin that is perfect for stylish storage. The 60ml e-juice bottle has a child-resistant cap and has a removable..
Silver Blend Tobacco with Smooth Vanilla Custard e-liquidThe Silver Blend e-juice combines the flavour of tobacco with smooth vanilla custard for an unforgettable vaping experience. This e-juice is packaged in a luxurious aluminium tin that combines easy storage with style. The 60ml e-juice bottle k..
Wicked Haze Blackcurrant and Lemonade e-liquidTry the delicious combination of blackcurrant and lemonade that creates the bold Wicked Haze flavoured e-juice. Wicked Haze is packaged in a vibrant aluminium tin and comes in a 60ml aluminium bottle that preserves the taste and quality of the e-juice. T..
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