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Menthol Premium Tobacco flavoured e-juice

The coolness of menthol, the sweetness of tobacco, and the freshness of mint come together to create this invigorating Menthol e-juice. It has such a well-rounded and amazing flavour that it should be really branded as the “one everyone dreamt about”. This is a light flavour that works well for all kinds of vapers.

The Menthol e-juice has been created after years of hits and trials to get the perfect taste in your mouth during both the puffin and the puff out. This amazing e-liquid gives you a strong cool blow, while you taste the sweet and crisp tobacco. Finally, a touch of mint will leave a fresh taste in your mouth.

The Menthol premium tobacco flavoured e-juice is a speciality item that is exclusively available with EasyPuff™. This vape liquid offers varying nicotine levels starting from 0.6% (NBW) up to 2.4% (NBW). So, whether you smoke “lights” or want a strong flavour to hit you in one puff, this Menthol e-juice will be able to satiate your pang. There is never a wrong time to get a puff of this exceptional e-liquid.  Check out our pod systems here they are perfect for this product

Nicotine level descriptions and VG/PG ratio:
  • 0.6% (NBW) – Low – For those who only smoke “lights” which is full of flavour. (MIX 70% VG 30% PG)
  • 1.2% (NBW) – Med – A medium strength with a little throat hit. ( MIX 50% VG 50% PG)
  • 1.8% (NBW) – High – E-juice which we compare to “regulars”. A good throat hit but not too strong.( MIX 50% VG 50% PG)
  • 2.4% ( NBW) – Full – A strong prominent flavour and throat hit! Similar to a light cigar.( MIX 50% VG 50% PG)

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