Mechanical mods are unregulated devices used for vaping. These devices derive their power directly from the battery, without being regulated by a circuit board, short circuit protection, and the likes. This means that there is considerable voltage fluctuation involved in the mods, which makes them quite risky to use. Therefore, this guide delves on the important precautions that should be taken while using a mod.

The unregulated nature of a mod allows an experienced user to unleash the full power of the mod, and enjoy a richer vaping experience.

A guide to Mod safety


There are two types of mod bodies – tubes and box mods.

The Battery

The mechanical mods typically make use of 18650 batteries. These batteries have a top side that is marked with a ring. This side is the positive terminal. They also have a bottom that is flat, and acts as a negative terminal. These batteries come with continuous amp ratings, and users should know these ratings for proper usage of these batteries.

It should be noted that none of the 18650 batteries in the market are designed specifically for the mods. Therefore, it is highly advised that users purchase batteries from only reputable brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, etc. which are known for their product reliability.

The batteries should not suffer from any physical damage. In case there is a tear or wear, it’s best to purchase a new battery. Otherwise, there are risks of accidents.


Tubes come with 3 main components – 510 adapter/connector, the tube body, and the mechanical switch. The 510 adapter connects the atomizer to the positive terminal of the battery. The body holds everything in place in a stable way. The manual switch completes or opens the circuit and enables the user to control the power supply to their atomizer.


Boxmods too are made of the same 3 components. The major difference being that boxmods are shaped like a box. They can also make use of more than 1 battery. Boxmods come in three variants – a simple mechanical boxmod, a mofset boxmod, and a semi regulation boxmod.

Do’s and Don’ts

Mechanical mods should never be built with the batteries inside, as it can lead to short circuits

Only Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) that comes with a protruding positive pin should be used

There are always minor changes in instructions for each mod. Therefore, mod users, no matter how experienced they are, should always refer to the manual provided with the mod

When disassembling, the battery should be removed before removing the atomizer. In fact, the batteries should be removed whenever the mod is not in use

Batteries should not be over-discharged. There is usually a major drop in power when their voltage drops below 3.7volts, which should be the cue for immediately recharging them

Resistance changes with regular wear and tear. It should be checked every now and then

The circuitry should be checked for any short circuits after every few uses to keep the risk of short circuits to the bare minimum

Power Supply Setup

Some mods come with power supplies that are connected in parallel, while some others come with batteries that are connected in series. Knowing the type of power supply in a mod is crucial for calculating its power output and controlling it. The math involved in these is not complex. In fact, there are even vape apps that do them for the users.