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Responsible Vaping

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More information about e-juices, vaping and the use of e-cigarettes can be found on our blog by clicking here or if there is anything you want to know that you can't find please contact our customer support or try our live chat portal and customer services representative will be happy to help.

About EasyPuff E-cigarettes?

Easypuff™ Electronic Cigarette looks like a traditional cigarette, feels like a traditional cigarette, tastes like a traditional cigarette, but isn't a traditional cigarette. It’s a tar-free way to enjoy smoking!

Easypuff E-Cigarette is an electronic smoking device or an electronic cigarette which is also known as E Cigarette or E-cig. It is a non–flammable product that uses state-of-the-art electronic technology which provides smokers a real smoking experience without the fire, flame, tobacco, tar, carbon monoxide, ash, stub or smell found in real cigarettes.

Easypuff E-Cig offers smokers a tar-free way to enjoy smoking and the freedom to smoke almost anywhere. Smokers still get their nicotine, but not the side effects attributable to the tar contained in commercial tobacco. Neither do smokers get the 4000 chemicals found in commercial tobacco.

Easypuff E-Cigarettes are reusable (rechargeable by an electric outlet, car charger, or USB port ) thus avoiding the nuisance of cigarette butts or ashes.

Most smokers have a strong attachment to the ritual and sensations of smoking. The main reasons people use Smoking Everywhere E-Cigarette include: a tar-free way to smoke, freedom to smoke almost anywhere, the lack of first- or second-hand smoke, the lack of smoke or tobacco odour and ash, non-flammable, convenient and cheaper than traditional cigarettes (based on one pack per day smoker).

We at Easypuff believe that the Electronic Cigarette is the future of smoking… If you're a cigarette smoker, have you tried it yet?

The cartridge holds the liquid. When the cartridge is inserted into the e-cig, the cartridge filler (polyester soaked in e-liquid/juice) makes contact with the atomizer’s bridge. Using gravity and capillary action, juice is absorbed via the atomizer bridge into the atomizer’s steel mesh reservoir where it sits. This is when user input is required.

When the user inhales on the E-cig, this action “pulls” the liquid from the atomizer’s reservoir into the ceramic atomizer pot. This liquid is then absorbed by the aromatic polyimide wick (which is situated inside the ceramic pot). At the same time, the device is heating the coil around the wick and therefore heating the liquid until it becomes a vapour. This vapour is drawn up through the E-cig and out of the mouthpiece.

Without the user’s “sucking” action, no more liquid is drawn into the pot or absorbed by the wick.

An E-Cigarette cartridge lasts about 10-12 times longer than a traditional tobacco cigarette. Economically, the E-Cigarette can cost significantly less than standard tobacco, with a real 40% - 60% saving possible with the right E-cigarette.

From a physical sensation perspective, they are remarkably similar, which is why it is an excellent substitute or alternative to tobacco smoking. One of the challenges in transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to E-cigarettes is that users have to prepare in advance. E-Cigarettes need a charged battery to operate. To make the batteries last all day, chargers are available that plug into household power, a car, or even your USB port on a computer. Carrying a back-up battery is also recommended.

Users will also want to keep a supply of cartridges on hand to replace used cartridges. These can be pre-assembled flavorings and nicotine levels or mixed from a bulk container to meet the user’s flavour and nicotine expectations. An accessory kit and instruction booklet will advise the user on maintaining their unit.

Simply put, not all manufacturers have good, quality products across the board. Their products can vary widely in price and quality. Sometimes certain components from one manufacturer are better than the same component from a different manufacturer. Our advice is to look at the reviews and shop locally in New Zealand.

Availability can be another problem. Often, the supplier will indicate that they have certain units in stock, but because of high demand, they can be sold out well into the future. Be sure the supplier has stock on hand, otherwise it may take weeks to receive a unit. Smokers are typically used to certain levels of nicotine daily, so maintaining a supply is often a priority.

The challenge becomes which units are of good quality and which components are going to hold up over time, and finding a reputable supplier that will offer a good warranty. Find a supplier that has done the homework of testing and quality-assuring products for you.

Price can vary widely for what can seem like the same product, depending on the supplier. The problem here again is how to know which components you are getting, and that they are a good quality and value. We believe our products offer the best quality at the best prices.

The battery will generally last for an entire day for the average smoker. However, the starter kit comes with two batteries so you can always have a fresh battery ready on the charger when the other one loses its charge.

The LED on the end of the battery will flash approximately 8 times to let you know that it needs to be recharged.

Cartomizers / Cartridges are the bits that carry all the flavour, they screw on to the end of your battery which powers the tiny element within the cartomizer / cartridge that turns the E-Juice into vapor.

Each cartridge is comparable to about 10-12 traditional cigarettes.

When the vapour produced begins to decrease, it is time to replace the cartridge.

You simply screw off the old cartridge and dispose of it. Then remove the new cartridge from its protective sleeve, remove the cap, and screw the new cartridge back on to your battery and you are ready to continue smoking.

The order and use of the Electronic Cigarette is FORBIDDEN to people younger than 18 years of age.

Electronic Cigarettes should be used only by those who are already smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. We do not encourage non-smokers to begin smoking with the Electronic Cigarette. Our goal is to provide a much safer alternative to current smokers, and not to encourage non-smokers to start. Not smoking at all is always the healthiest choice! Also, women who are pregnant should not smoke, not even an Electronic Cigarette. However, if you are absolutely unable to quit smoking, the Electronic Cigarette would be a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

The Electronic Cigarette is not an approved "quit smoking" device.

The Electronic Cigarette does not have an on/off switch. The smart chip inside the cigarette detects the presence of flowing air when you puff on the cigarette which turns the cigarette on and allows it to operate. Once you stop inhaling on the cigarette, the smart chip notices the lack of airflow and turns off the cigarette. Therefore, it is an automatic process so you never have to worry about having left it on and your battery draining.

The Electronic Cigarette can be used practically anywhere. It has no flame and no combustible material, nor does it contain tobacco or produce second-hand smoke so it does not fall under the Clean Indoor Air Acts (smoking ban) which applies in New Zealand. Please bear in mind that many establishments are privately owned and it is up to the management whether or not to allow the use of E-cigs on their premises. Often, once they know what it is and how it works, many will agree to allow you to continue using your E-cig.

Cartridges form an integral part of electronic cigarette smoking. The quality of vapour depends largely on the type of cartridge you use. Hence, when we speak of best cartridges we mean that you must find a cartridge which gives you the best vapour experience. There are lots of different cartridge manufacturers, and as a smoker, you need to find the best cartridges to satisfy yourself, in terms of vapour, flavour, and nicotine. That can take some experimenting, and purchasing a cartridge pack offering multiple flavours may be a good initial investment.

We also recommend that you read our product reviews to find the one that is likely to give you the best return for your money.

There are a lot of different manufacturers of cartridges. Before you order the best cartridges make sure to run a compatibility check with the model of battery / electronic cigarette that you are using.

About Shipping?

Yes we do Monday - Friday

First Global is a cheaper option then DHL however it takes a little longer, First Global is a good option if your not in a rush and want to save your Pennies 

First Global - $24-30

DHL Express - $28 - $45 Depending on weight 

First Global can take 6 -10 days 

DHL Express 3 - 6 days

From time to time this happens,we do our best to get our customers items out fast, 93% of sent packages arrive on time. We rely on 3rd party companies so once your package leaves our warehouse it's out of our hands.

There are many variables that can cause a shipment to be delayed here's some pointers that will increase the chances of a smooth delivery. 

1: Use DHL Express shipping, it might cost a little more but its worth it their service is top notch and fast.

2: Time difference:If your in Australia remember there is time difference DHL pick up daily from our warehouse at 1pm Monday to Friday if you put your order in early morning it will be on a plane that night. 

3: Early week ordering: if you place your order nice and early Monday morning, your package is more likely to arrive on time. Ordering late into the week can delay shipping times because of the weekend, most freight companies are understaffed on the weekends so try to Avoid this crossover. 

4: Correct details: Make sure your shipping address is correct, your phone number and all you details are up to date.

5: Tracking: when your shipment is sent you will receive a tracking number via email notification by monitoring this you can closely watch were your item is, if there is a delay making contact with DHL Australia will prompt a call to action. 

We are very sorry but this is for New Zealand customers only..

Unfortunately we don't have any control over this, the shipping companies set the price. We have used cheaper services in the past but found them very unreliable. DHL and First Global have always been very efficient with a 99% delivery rate to Australia. 

New Zealand: The difference in cost was not much less then tracked courier service so we discontinued this service. 

Australia: No we discontinued this service it was unreliable and very slow, tracking would stop once the 3rd party carrier picked up in Australia made customers frustrated as there was no transparency. 

$5 or free shipping over $70

Battery Safety Info

Battery safety is very important, Don't use batteries if they show any of the following signs.

Showing rust or corrosion.
If the wrap has been damaged
Bulging or swelling
Giving off a strange odor
Abnormally hot to the touchIf Anything doesn’t look, smell, or seem right When in doubt, contact us.
Batteries should be stored In a protective battery case in cool, dry area away from children. Never store your batteries in a car or in direct sunlight. 70F degrees can quickly reach temperatures over 100F degrees in a car. Even if it’s “just for a moment” don’t do it.
Yes always charge new batteries before them, If you’re using a mod that uses more than one battery, those batteries should be the same age. You should "marry" the batteries to each other: buy them together, use them together, charge them together.
If the battery becomes hot inside your mod, remove it from the mod and discontinue use.
When carrying spare batteries with you, make sure you’re carrying them in such a way that nothing metal (keys, pens, etc) can connect to both ends of the battery or damage the wrap around the battery. Accidentally closing the circuit like this can cause the battery to rapidly discharge and short out.
The best way to charge batteries is with an external battery charger. We do not recommend charging your batteries through your mods usb port unless the manufacturer has recommended it. External battery chargers have safety features built into them and are designed to slowly ramp up the power to the battery, this makes recharging them easier on the battery. Avoid cheap Chinese products, buy reliable brands like Efest,Nitecore and always get advice from your local vape store before purchasing one.