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Menthol Flavoured E-Juices

Is there a substitute to the cool blast of a full-flavoured menthol e-juice? EasyPuffTM thinks – NO! That’s why, we have curated a unique collection of menthol-flavoured e-juices, brought from across the world. Our menthol collection is the product of our goal to create the most refreshing and rejuvenating vaping experience for our discerning customers. Our selection of minty-flavoured e-juices deliver you a freezing, winter blast, smack in the middle of the summer. Revitalise and recover yourself from the harsh summer heat with the ultimate minty e-juices curated specially for your unique taste.

Whether you like your mint flavour as a subdued undertone or as a delicious primary taste, we have just the right e-juices for you. The vape market is flooded with menthol-flavoured e-juices, but our obsession-like, uncompromising focus on quality translates into a few handpicked options. Although few in number, our menthol e-juices are a delight in every way that matters to a vaper. Discover the rich varieties of menthol in all its glorious variations.

Menthol Flavoured E-juices

Charlie Noble - Mint Cream Mint Cream - A rich, sweet cream layered with swirls of cool mint, Heavenly.Primary Flavors: Cream, MintVG/PG Ratio: 80/20Bottle size: 120ml..
Mt Baker Vapor - Extreme Ice
MT BAKER VAPOR - EXTREME ICE This intense menthol experience will literally take your breath away! Extreme ice gives you all the kick you need with a dose of fresh mint VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Bottle size: 60ml..
Brand: NZ Vapor
NZ Vapor Salts - Arctic Ice Salted E-Liquid Arctic Ice salted e-liquid gives an intense fresh hit with each vape. For those seeking a more concentrated menthol effect! Made with nic salts for smooth delivery of high nicotine e-liquid flavours. This premium e-liquid blend offers an icy cold, pure men..
Charlies E-Liquid - Black Ice  60ml
Charlies Chalk Dust Black Ice e-liquidBlack Ice e-liquid by Charlies Chalk Dust is not for the faint of the heart. It is for those who like to live their life on the wild side. It combines such unique flavours of the irresistibly earthy blueberries with the coolness of cucumber. Black Ice e..
EasyPuff E-Juice 10ml - Menthol
Brand: Easypuff
Menthol Premium Tobacco flavoured e-juiceThe coolness of menthol, the sweetness of tobacco, and the freshness of mint come together to create this invigorating Menthol e-juice. It has such a well-rounded and amazing flavour that it should be really branded as the “one everyone dreamt about”. This ..
Vapors E-Juice - Minty Menthol
Bestseller Out Of Stock
Brand: Easypuff
Minty Menthol premium flavoured e-juiceA fresh breath is always welcome and this e-liquid comes with tons of freshness and a strong icy cold touch. The EasyPuff™ New Minty Menthol e-Juice is no ordinary product. It’s a premium product that firmly establishes its place in your list of favorites..
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