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E-Cigarette Cartridges - Western Red Tobacco

E-Cigarette Cartridges - Western Red Tobacco
E-Cigarette Cartridges - Western Red Tobacco
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Western Red e-cigarette cartridges 

Tobacco is a well-loved flavour that is a common choice among those who smoked before they turned to vaping. The flavour of tobacco makes switching over to vaping a simpler step as one is still able to enjoy the familiar taste of classic tobacco all the while. With Western Red e-cigarette cartridges, you can enjoy the ultra robust, rich tobacco flavour that you have loved for so long, but you will be able to do so in a way that is much healthier for you. The EasyPuff™ Western Red Cartridges are a pack of ecig cartridges that offer you a rich tobacco flavour. The tobacco has been blended perfectly to offer you a full-bodied, smooth flavour, so identical to tobacco you'll never want to pick up another cigarette. This cartridge comes in nicotine strengths of 0 per cent, 0.6 per cent, 1.4 per cent, 2 per cent, and 2.4 per cent nicotine levels

Nicotine level descriptions
0.0% (NBW) – Non – No nicotine just a flavour cartridge for your e-cigarette
0.6% (NBW) – Low –  For those who only smoke “lights” which is full of flavour
1.4% (NBW) – Med –  A medium strength with a little throat hit
2.0% (NBW) – High – E-juice which we compare to “regulars”. A good throat hit but not too strong
2.4% (NBW) – Full – A strong prominent flavour and throat hit!

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