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EasyPuff Battery Deal x4

EasyPuff Battery Deal x4
EasyPuff Battery Deal x4
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EasyPuff™ e-cigarette battery four pack

When you want to stop smoking, one of the things that you want to be sure of is that you are always going to be able to vape when you want to. After all, it was always possible for you to light up a cigarette virtually whenever you wanted to just by pulling out a matchbook or a pocket lighter and smoking. With an electronic cigarette, you know you are going to need a charged battery in order to use it, off-putting many worried potential vapers. With the EasyPuff e-cigarette battery four pack, you will not have to worry about that any longer.

The EasyPuff e-cigarette battery four pack is a pack consisting of four electronic cigarette batteries. These batteries are ready to be used at any point in time, letting you keep them all charged up, so when one battery is drained, you have three more backup batteries that you can take advantage of. The EasyPuff e-digarette battery four pack includes batteries that look just like actual cigarettes and are even the same length, measuring 98 millimetres with the flavoured vapour cartridge screwed into it. Lightweight, these batteries are easy to around and will tell you when the time comes for you to charge them, thanks to the flashing red light that will appear at the bottom. This light will also glow when you vape for a more authentic look.

Cigarette dimensions and weight
Short battery - length (cartridge+battery) : 98 mm (3.9 inches)

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