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E-Cigarette Wall Charger

E-Cigarette Wall Charger
E-Cigarette Wall Charger
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EasyPuff™ e-cigarette wall adapter

Keeping your batteries all charged up is an important part of owning a vaporiser. Unlike a traditional cigarette that you can light up anytime no matter what, these e-cigs need to have a battery that is charged up and ready to go if you want to enjoy your vaporiser at any time. When you get an electronic cigarette, chances are you are going to have a USB charging cable that comes with it and fits snugly into the vaporiser's battery. This is great for charging anywhere on the go, but it is especially useful when you are at home and need to charge your extra batteries; this charger can help you accomplish this. The EasyPuff e-cigarette wall charger is a battery wall charger that can plug into any standard power outlet that you have in your home. It is not recommended that you charge an e-cigarette on a computer even though there is a USB port; for this reason, charging in a separate outlet with the EasyPuff e-cigarette wall charger is important. This wall adapter can charge your e-cigs and vaporisers anywhere that you need to charge them, whether that means at school, at the office, at a friend's house or right in the comfort of your own home. This EasyPuff e-cigarette wall charger is black in colour and will therefore not clash with any of the decor that you have going on in the room that you will charge it in.

Use these three easy steps

  • Plug the wall adapter into an outlet
  • Slot the USB charger into the wall adapter
  • Screw the e-cigarette battery into the USB charger

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