Responsible Vaping

Responsible Vaping

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Responsible Vaping

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Find the latest vaping news and updates on our EasyPuff vape 101 blog. Learn more about vaping with our handy tips and tricks that are perfect for people new to the vaping scene. We write informative articles about vaping and the different products you will need to get started to save you time figuring out how it works so you can find the product that will work best for you fast. We also post articles about the latest vaping and industry news so you can stay up to date with what is happening in the vaping world.

MiPod in New Zealand

MiPod In New Zealand

Have you heard about the MiPod yet? It’s the hottest new pod vaping system on the market, and now you can buy it right here at our New Zealand vape sh...

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Boutique Vape Shop in Greerton, Tauranga

Boutique Vape Shop In Greerton, Tauranga

A New Shopping Experience for Discerning VapersHave you heard? There’s a new vape shop right here in Greerton! This is not your standard vape shop – t...

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JUUL Pods in New Zealand

JUUL Pods In New Zealand

Are you one of the world’s many dedicated users of the JUUL e-cigarette? Are you thinking about becoming one? The JUUL is already America’s most popul...

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EasyPuff™ Has Emerged as New Zealand’s Top Shop for Charlie’s Chalk Dust E-Juices

EasyPuff™ Has Emerged As New Zealand’s Top Shop For Charlie’s Chalk Dust E-Juices

Charlie’s Chalk Dust E-Juices Distributed in New ZealandCharlie’s Chalk Dust’s international fame, combined with EasyPuff’s exceptional customer servi...

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Greerton Vape Shop

Greerton Vape Shop

Are you tired of buying your vaping supplies online and running out of e-liquid or coils while you wait for shipping? Are you thinking about buying yo...

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Joyetech Penguin vs. Teros

Joyetech Penguin Vs. Teros

With the release of the Teros vaping system, Joyetech now has two pod vaping devices available to satisfy the needs of those looking for smaller e-cig...

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The Pros and Cons of Pod Vaping Systems

The Pros And Cons Of Pod Vaping Systems

If you’re a smoker considering making the switch to vaping, there is one thing that you’re hoping for from your vaping experience above all else: You ...

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Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar Vape Shops

Online Vs. Brick-and-Mortar Vape Shops

Making the choice between online vs. brick-and-mortar vape shops isn’t always easy. The conventional wisdom would suggest that you’ll get your vapin...

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SMOK Vaping Tanks: Comparison and Coil Compatibility Guide

SMOK Vaping Tanks: Comparison And Coil Compatibility Guide

SMOK vaping tanks might be the most popular e-cigarette accessories in the world. You can find them – both on their own and bundled with SMOK’s many s...

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E-Cigarette Battery Safety Tips: The Do’s and The Don’ts

E-Cigarette Battery Safety Tips: The Do’s And The Don’ts

The e-cigarettes market is currently a highly unregulated market. In other words, neither the government nor the industry’s biggest players have come ...

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