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E-Cigarette Starter Kits

You've heard the talk. Whether it is from your friends sitting around puffing on their new vaporisers or from a stranger in the supermarket that you hear in passing: everyone is making the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping to get their nicotine instead. The talking has piqued your interest, but you are not sure where to begin when it comes to making the switch yourself. There is such a variety after all-where do you start? At EasyPuff™, we have answered that question for you and have come up with our own starter kits to get you going and move you toward a healthier lifestyle. 13 fantastic flavoured ecigarette cartridges found here

Traditional E-cigarette starter kits 

E-Cigarette Deluxe Kit
Brand: Easypuff
Deluxe e-cigarette kitThe EasyPuff™ simple but effective ecig design makes it easier for smokers to make the switch by resembling the fixation of a taylor made. Our two piece system is effortless to maintain and very convenient. When you are thinking about making the switch from traditional smoking ..
Brand: Easypuff
Double Trouble e-cigarette kit Making any sort of lifestyle change on your own can be difficult. This is especially true when it comes to finding alternatives to smoking. Before vaping and electronic cigarettes became popular, it was said that cigarettes are one of the hardest things to quit. For th..
EasyPuff Ego-T Kit
Bestseller Out Of Stock
Brand: Easypuff
EGo-T e-cigarette kitIntroducing the latest EasyPuff™ e-cigarette, the eGo-T. This system is different from the standard cartridge system; it uses a clearomizer instead of the standard cartridge. This supplies a steady flow of e-juice to the atomizer without the use of filling material; the tank sel..
EasyPuff Introduction Kit
Brand: Easypuff
Introduction e-cigarette kitThe world of vaping is one that can be daunting if you are just getting into it. With so many different kinds of e-cigs and vaporisers out there to choose from, trying to navigate through all of them to find the one that is best for you might seem tedious at best. There i..
EasyPuff Premium Kit
Brand: Easypuff
Premium e-cigarette kitThe EasyPuff™ Premium ecig Starter Kit has everything you need to start your vapour experience! just screw a cartridge and battery together and puff! This will activate the heating element, and you will inhale steam with a tobacco flavour. Each eCigarette cartridge should last..
EasyPuff Starter Kit
Brand: Easypuff
Starter e-cigarette kitStarting on a vaping adventure can seem daunting at first; there are so many different vaporisers and e-cigarettes out there to wade through and just as much terminology to understand. EasyPuff™ makes it simple for you to find what you need to get started by compiling everythi..
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