Charlie’s Chalk Dust E-Juices Distributed in New Zealand, Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s international fame, combined with EasyPuff’s exceptional customer service and attention to customer needs, have together made EasyPuff™ the biggest supplier of Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-Juices in all of New Zealand. EasyPuff™ has been one of the largest suppliers and online retailers of everything vape for many years now. They have everything – e-cigarettes, e-juices, vaping kits, and more. Now, they are also home to the biggest collection of Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-Juices in entire New Zealand.Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-Juices are every seasoned vaper’s fantasy. Their novel flavours and unique twist on traditional flavours are the stuff of legends. Launched in 2015, Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-Juices have exploded in popularity and have amassed a massive cult following among vapers worldwide. Why wouldn’t they! Charlie’s Chalk Dust has everything a vaper dreams about.

Love the delectable taste of desserts? They’ve got the e-juices for you.

Relish the juicy deliciousness of fruits? Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s fruity options will flood your mouth with unforgettable and refreshing flavours.How about tobacco? Berries, cereal, icy cool flavours – you name it, they’ve got it. The best thing about Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-juices is that each flavour is distinct from the other, despite the seemingly never-ending collection they have to offer.

And, EasyPuff™ brings that endless collection of deliciousness and awesomeness to the Kiwi vapers with a taste for the exceptional. EasyPuff™ has a massive collection of e-juices from the American brand, Charlie’s Chalk Dust. There are so many options available on EasyPuff™ that vapers will find it difficult to enjoy each one of them. By the time you are done enjoying your favourite flavour, EasyPuff™ will introduce a new flavour of Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-juice for you. The online vape shop’s extensive collection has not gone unnoticed by its loyal customers. Retail as well as wholesale orders have been pouring in from all over New Zealand. In the recent weeks, EasyPuff™ has been getting a deluge of orders for its collection of Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-juices. In fact, EasyPuff™ is now the biggest supplier of Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-juices all over New Zealand.

And, this is just the beginning!

The online vape shop has plans to add more flavors of Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-juices to its collection in the coming weeks for the pleasure of its loyal fans. Keep billowing out massive clouds of your favourite flavour of Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-juices, because more are coming. Can you taste them all? Only time will tell.

Do you want to know how Charlie’s Chalk Dust became such a huge hit on EasyPuff™?

Well, there are two reasons. One is that EasyPuff™ chose the American brand for its adherence to premium quality standards. Secondly, our online vape shop took a closer look at the design process of the various flavours at Charlie’s Chalk Dust. EasyPuff™ realized that the Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s e-juice flavours are not designed by professionals, for whom it’s just a job. Instead, the flavours are designed by everyday vapers who have a thorough understanding of what they like and what their community likes. And therefore, what comes out of their brilliant minds hits the Bullseye with the vapers every, single, time.

This, combined with EasyPuff’s exceptional customer service, has created just the right conditions to make EasyPuff™ the biggest supplier of Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-juices is all of New Zealand.