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Rebuildable atomizers what are they?
They all ultimately accomplish the same thing... some with greater convenience and length of time between refilling, some better for new rebuilders, some offer better flavour and some offer the option of using extreme low resistance. * RBA - Rebuildable atomizer. Encompasses all variations of rebuildable device. The "Genesis" type atomizer (more below) may be the genesis for the term.* RDA - Rebuildable dripping atomizer. Typified by a short, 510 base, sufficient to hold a coil or coils, with a small juice well to drip juice into via the drip tip. Often the most flavorful, and most often ..
Beginners guide to vaping

I Was Reading through a Forum the other day and came across this post from a guy and thought it was a handy piece of information to share. I've been through the process of being the experienced vaper offering advice to friends, family, co-workers etc for at least 3 years or so as such, I've witnessed my fair share of success/partial success and failure when it comes to quitting/substituting full time or still needing tobacco.

If there was ever any confusion about whether or not a government agency would ever come forward to see vaping as a serious alternative to vaping, Public Health England will put that to rest.Earlier this month, Public Health England released a newframework advice for UK employers, encouraging them to build a support system for employees who vape. The agency, which is an executive branch of the Department of Health in the UK, has listed various suggestions for businesses to aid their employees in vaping on their websiteIf there was ever any confusion about whether or not a government agenc..
E-Cigs Do Not Cause Cancer   This is sadly fatalistic argument from smokers, but thankfully for e-cig advocates, it’s once which is actually well-addressed by research. As we covered earlier in the series – nicotine is not the bad guy people would have you believe. It’s a mild stimulant, just like caffeine, and only has negative connotations because combustible tobacco cigarettes contain around 70 carcinogens amongst the 7,000-plus chemicals you’ll find.   That’s why e-cigs are a revolution in harm reduction, because the dangerous components of cigarettes are almost..
E-Cigs Don’t Have to Be Complicated – And They Never Really Are!When you’re used to pulling out a pre-rolled cigarette, applying some fire and tossing the butt away when you’re done, the idea of refilling tanks, charging batteries and switching atomizers can easily seem like an unholy amount of work. However, as we’ve covered earlier in this series, there are different e-cigs which suit different users, and getting this across makes it easy to allay the smoker’s fears.Like all disposables you simply take it out of the package and puff on the end just like you would a cigarette, except ..
They Are Just a Fad. Because the popularity of electronic cigarettes has grown faster than the fall of oxygen bars into obscurity, their concept may seem like fad to many smokers. However, e-cigs have been in the marketplace since 2007 and sales have grown every year with no signs of slowing down. Tobacco giants like Reynolds and Lorillard have even jumped at the opportunity to get their share of the pie. The fact that millions of smokers have improved their health by switching from conventional cigarettes shows that e-cigs do work and aren’t a marketing gimmick. It’s easy to unde..
E-Cigs Are Too Bulky. Electronic cigarettes are manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes. Larger personal vaporizers are becoming more commonplace and smokers might find their size a bit odd. However, a pack of cigarettes is pretty bulky in itself and no doubt stands out in a pants or shirt pocket. If size is an issue, there are plenty of quality electronic cigarettes that aren’t much bigger than the real thing and don’t require a cardboard box to be protected from the elements of one’s pocket or handbag.Let’s get it out there. Some e-cigs look like robot penises. This fact leads..
Those Things Don’t Even Work. Some smokers may have once tried an e-cig they picked up at their local gas station or convenience store and were disappointed in its performance. Not all electronic cigarettes are created equal, however, and some of the more mass produced variety may not be suitable to heavy smokers. Make sure you let them know they can purchase cartridges or liquid in stronger nicotine concentrations and in a plethora of flavours to satisfy their palate. If you live close to a brick & mortar vapour shop, bring them along on your next visit or point them to online ..
E-Cigs Aren’t FDA Approved and Therefore Aren’t Safe.The FDA has yet to approve electronic cigarettes because they “have not been fully studied.” Our evidence would suggest otherwise. Nothing is 100% safe but e-cigs are exponentially safer than tobacco cigarettes and have the potential to save millions of lives.One of the most frequently cited “issues” with e-cigs is that they aren’t currently FDA-approved and therefore must be either unsafe or ineffective for their chosen purpose. The problem with this line of reasoning is that the FDA – although it should be – is not the ultimate word on..
E-Cigs Can Cause Lung Damage. A study published last September found that use of an electronic cigarette for 10 minutes increased airway resistance in smokers without COPD or asthma. However, a temporary increase in airway resistance does not equate to lung damage nor does it cause a reduction in blood-oxygen levels. Things like humidity, cold air and exercise can also cause elevated airway obstruction yet aren’t known to actually damage lungs.Researchers in Greece seem to have a thing for testing airway resistance. Two Greek studies published last year found that use of e..
E-Cigarettes Contain Dangerous Nitrosamines. When it comes to anti-smoking groups criticizing e-cigs for containing nitrosamines, it could be the same cynical mechanism operating, or they could genuinely misunderstand the risks. Perhaps nobody has ever told them that the quantities are nearly undetectable, or perhaps people have and they were just too dim to understand the obvious lack of risk. Either way, if somebody still insists that the nitrosamines in e-cigarettes are something to worry about after becoming aware of the facts in this article, they are either idiots or peopl..
Going Cold Turkey is the Most Effective Way to Quit.Just because you quit cold turkey doesn’t mean anyone can do it. It also doesn’t mean you aren’t susceptible to a relapse. Different smokers have different levels of addiction and most who want to quit have tried going cold turkey or reducing the amount of cigarettes they smoke. Statistically speaking, only 3.5% of smokers who try going cold turkey end up actually quitting. Because e-cigarettes are so new to the market, we don’t have any reliable quit rates for them yet. We can still estimate their quit smoking rate to be somewhere ..
You’re Just Substituting One Addiction for Another. We won’t deny the fact that nicotine is a highly addictive chemical. When a smoker switches to electronic cigarettes, they are still most likely consuming it to an extent. However, most of us gradually reduce our intake by using cartridges or e-liquids with lower concentrations of the drug and eventually become nicotine free. A recently published PLOS One study found that 73 percent of participants who stopped smoking using e-cigs also quit vaping by the end of the 52 week trial period. Some of us have quit vaping and smok..
E-Cigs Still Cause Second-hand Smoking.As already stated, electronic cigarettes do not produce detectable amounts of toxins into the air. Furthermore, they do not emit second-hand nicotine as the amount of it in the vapour they deliver to the user is far less than in conventional tobacco smoke. Any amount exhaled would be so minute that it would not have an effect on bystanders, as the vapour dissipates within seconds as opposed to minutes for smoke. Sensationalist news articles like this tend to run rampant as they attract a ton of, mostly negative, attention and views. Hea..
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