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Responsible Vaping

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For millions of smokers around the world, the invention of the e-cigarette has been a life-changing event. Countless people are addicted to nicotine and either do not want to quit or have tried to quit and failed – and smoking comes with a long list of serious drawbacks. Every day, you inhale tar and carbon monoxide. The smell of the smoke sticks to your hair, clothes, skin, car and home. With recent tax increases, the price of a packet of cigarettes in New Zealand is now approaching $30. There is a better way. EasyPuff is your trusted source for e-cigarettes in New Zealand. Let us show you how easy it is to switch to the better alternative to smoking. Vaping smells better and tastes better – and it’ll save you a bundle of money.

Easypuff is an AVCA approved Vendor. The AVCA approved vendor program has been put in place for resellers by which consumers of Vaping products in New Zealand can be guaranteed that the products that they sell are of the highest quality. EasyPuff Guarantee that the products we sell are of the highest quality, both equipment and e-liquid, and agree to fully support both the items we sell and the consumers who purchase them.

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E-Cigarette Starter Kits: The Most Popular New Zealand Vaping Option

If you’ve never used an e-cigarette before, an e-cigarette starter kit from EasyPuff is the best way to get started. An e-cigarette from EasyPuff looks and feels much like a real cigarette. To use it, you’ll simply connect a disposable cartridge and puff on the e-cigarette as if it were a traditional cigarette. The battery automatically turns on when you puff. The liquid in the cartridge turns to vapour. When you inhale the vapour, you enjoy the same sensation that you get from smoking – but you don’t inhale any smoke. Do you want to know how the EasyPuff e-cigarette compares to other e-cigarette brands? Our e-cigarette produces more puffs per cartridge and more puffs per battery charge than other brands. The EasyPuff e-cigarette also generates more vapour and delivers nicotine more efficiently. We have the lab test to prove it!

New E-liquid Vapourisers


The Best New Zealand Online Vape Shop

Are you an experienced New Zealand e-cigarette user looking for a new vape kit or a tasty new e-juice? We carry the leading brands of vape pens, box mods and mechanical mods including Kangertech, SMOK, Joyetech, iJoy and more. We also carry the best e-liquids in New Zealand including Dinner Lady, Charlie’s Chalk Dust and Nasty Juice. We are passionate about vaping and follow the latest trends in the e-cigarette industry. When a company releases a revolutionary new vaporizer or trend-setting e-liquid, you’ll find it here first.

The Best Vape Juice in New Zealand

When most people initially switch from smoking to vaping, they do it because they want to save money, smell better and stop inhaling tar. Once you’ve vaped for a while, though, you’ll realize that e-cigarettes have an additional benefit over tobacco cigarettes: They taste great! There is no end to the variety of different vape juice flavours available. We should know – we developed over 30 flavours of premium e-liquid right here at EasyPuff! We’ve also augmented our selection of vape juice by sourcing e-liquids from some of the best e-liquid makers in the USA, UK and China. We carry some great tobacco and menthol flavours designed to please your palate if you’ve just made the switch from smoking – but don’t stop there. Once you’ve tried our delicious dessert flavours, you’ll wonder why you ever craved the flavour of tobacco.

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Customer Reviews

EasyPuff Vape Store Customer Reviews
I received my easy puff starter kit the other Day and was amazed at the quality and price.
EasyPuff Vape Store Customer Reviews
I purchased the starter kit and it has been great. Nice hit and has definitely helped to stay off smoking cigarettes.
EasyPuff Vape Store Customer Reviews
Really easy to order and enjoying my transition to the easypuff product.

R 18
EasyPuff™ products do not treat, diagnose or cure, disease, physical ailment or condition. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, or a combination of inhalants listed on our "what is in EasyPuff™ e-juice", please consult your physician before using EasyPuff™ products. EasyPuff™ electronic cigarettes are not approved by Medsafe as smoking cessation products. We make no therapeutic claims that our products will help you give up smoking. EasyPuff™ electronic cigarettes can be used interchangeably with tobacco cigarettes which should only be used by responsible adults over the age of 18.