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EasyPuff electronic cigarettes New Zealand 

EasyPuff™ is renowned for providing high-quality electronic cigarettes at low prices, ensuring you get the best possible product at the best price. At EasyPuff™, we pride ourselves on only providing top-quality electronic cigarettes and accessories to cater for our New Zealand customers. We invite you to browse through our online store where you can take advantage of our exceptional deals.

The appearance of electronic cigarettes is very similar to traditional cigarettes. They are battery-operated and use replaceable flavoured cartridges, which create the taste you inhale. EasyPuff™ supplies a range of e-cigarettes from disposables to complete starter kits. The e-cigarette cartridges we provide come in a number of flavours, so you are not limited to the traditional tobacco taste. If you have any questions surrounding e-cigarettes or the other products we offer, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team, we are happy to help.

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At EasyPuff™, we are passionate about educating the public and our customers about the benefits of using e-cigarettes as opposed to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. None of the products we offer produce tar, ash or carbon monoxide, meaning you get the satisfaction of inhaling and exhaling vapour without the harmful side effects of smoking traditional cigarettes. Unlike tobacco cigarettes which contain over 4000 chemicals, e-cigarettes produce up to 80% fewer chemicals and toxins.The smoke-like vapour produced by EasyPuff™ electronic cigarettes does not have a traditional cigarette smell, nor does it produce harmful carcinogens or tar. This means you can feel completely confident to use e-cigarettes in public, as you are not producing any second-hand smoke that could harm others. We do ask you to be respectful of other people and establishment owners by asking if they allow vaping on their premises.

EasyPuff™ is a trusted New Zealand brand. Our off-shore factory only uses the highest quality materials and ingredients in our electronic cigarettes and other products. Our batteries have a lifetime warranty so you will always have the tools needed for your vapour experience. All our products are sent within 12 hours of purchasing to ensure you are getting quality products without the long wait. We offer two shipping methods for you to choose from, either postal or express. EasyPuff™ products are sent directly to you from our factory meaning you are getting the best value for money. For more information on our shipping methods click here.




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EasyPuff™ products do not treat, diagnose or cure, disease, physical ailment or condition. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, or a combination of inhalants listed on our "info on e-cigs page", please consult your physician before using EasyPuff™ products. EasyPuff™ electronic cigarettes are not approved by Medsafe as smoking cessation products. We make no therapeutic claims that our products will help you give up smoking. EasyPuff™ electronic cigarettes can be used interchangeably with tobacco cigarettes which should only be used by responsible adults over the age of 18.